How to Score a Friend with Benefits 

by Joseph Printer
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Girlfriends and wives are not for everybody, especially if you’re a younger guy (or girl). Sometimes you just want to go out, get laid, and then come back to your bachelor pad and relax with no bullshit.

The thing that turns some guys away from having a hardcore girlfriend is the commitment, and that whole scene just seems like a drain on your psyche, doesn’t it?

There’s a time and place to settle down for good and get your life moving, but for now, you just want to cruise through life and enjoy every minute of it solo. And that really isn’t a bad thing, as much as you might here otherwise from other people.

Unfortunately, finding a girl who wants the same could be a bit of challenge. But rest assured, there are just as many girls looking for that as guys, so you have plenty to choose from.

Ready to land a hottie to bang on the regular? Here is how:

First, Prepare for the Battle

Whether you’re doing the online dating scene to find a girl like this (which is super easy) or whether you’re going to bars to meet girls like this in person, you need to prepare yourself.

This means making sure your apartment is habitable, making sure your appearance is solid, and making sure your wardrobe is up to code so you can give off a confident appearance.

These are all important for getting a girl to commit to this kind of relationship. If she knows you’re a guy who can have fun and take care of himself at the same time, you’re home free.

Second, Think of Ways to Spruce Up the Sex

This is especially important for your first time. If you’re just one of her typical guys she has sex with, you’re not likely to receive another call from her anytime soon. After all, when she’s had something like you before, she could just call up one of her other dudes and do it with them, and it’s a lot easier.

You need to bring more to the table to make yourself irresistible. Work on your oral game, your sex moves, and your cardio. If you can bang like a maniac for 30 minutes straight, she’ll never get enough of you.

Finally, Don’t Screw it Up

For most people, the temptation to go from friends with benefits to full-blown relationship is hard, especially if you see each other regularly.

If you go from the start and say “it’s only going this far” or just imply it, there will be no hard feelings.

But if you guys really like each other and like spending time with each other, it couldn’t be the end of the world to be exclusive. Why not!

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