Top five sexiest dating sites

by Joseph Printer
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If you recently joined a dating site for the sole purpose of getting laid, you might be feeling a bit down in the dumps because you still haven’t got what you wanted. For some reason, you can’t get past first base. Hell, sometimes you can’t even get to first base! All girls seem to want to do is talk endlessly before vanishing.

Perhaps you’re spending days – even weeks – talking to girls and getting no where. You put it out there that you’d like to meet up, but they either shy away and say “maybe in another week or so,” or they stop talking to you altogether. Or they meet you and say, “let’s do this again sometime. But now I need an early night.”

If this sounds familiar, you know the routine by now – and you’re bored of it. You’re not interested in small talk, and you’re not really interested to hear about their day. You simply want to meet up and have a bit of fun.

If this is you, it can be easy to take a look at yourself and wonder what you’re doing wrong. You might ask a few questions, such as “Is it me or is it them? Am I coming on too strong? Does nobody wanna have fun anymore??”

But you’re missing the point. The problem is not you – and it isn’t the girls either. The problem is the dating site you’re using! Mainstream dating sites – which are the most popular ones, and the ones we get told to use – are good for building up a relationship. You know, getting to know someone, finding out their favourite movies and what makes them ‘them’. You get ‘matched’ with others in terms of your interests and whether you wanna have kids.

It’s all okay but if you just wanna hook up, a mainstream dating site is probably not for you. Instead, if you’re just looking for sex and some FUN, you’re gonna have to look elsewhere. You’re gonna have to start looking at dating sites that are focused on sexual encounters. Without further ado, let’s take a look at out 5 favourites.

Adult Friend Finder

The chances are you’ve probably already heard of Adult Friend Finder. If you haven’t – or if you have but have been too scared to take a peek – Adult Friend Finder is home to a huge community of singles just like you who want some fun. Packed with webcams, user photos, as well as groups who are looking to get laid, it’s a dating site that knows how to party.


If you feel like you’re sexually experienced and even a bit sexually sophisticated (basically, if you know your stuff and get excited by others who really know their stuff), could be for you. It’s home to passionate individuals who prefer a bit of erotica as opposed to a quickie. Think 50 Shades of Grey and you’re halfway there.

No Strings Attached

One of the biggest problems we face when looking to get laid is getting laid – only to find that the girl has suddenly fallen in love with us. No Strings Attached works on the premise that both parties know exactly what they’re getting into, and that once the sex is over, there is no drama afterwards. You have a good time and you go your own ways. Lovely.

Ashley Madison

Nope, Ashley Madison doesn’t belong to a glamorous girl called Ashley who’s willing to give us all a chance. Instead, Ashley Madison puts your needs first. This means that, whatever you specific sexual need is, you can tap it into their database and get in touch with someone who is going to satisfy it. Heaven.

Get It On

Get It On works like a mainstream dating site in the sense that you get matched with others who share your interests. Replace interests with sexual chemistry and you’ve got it. For example, if you want to be submissive, you’ll get paired up with someone who wants to dominate the hell out of you.

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