5 Reasons to Get Out of Bed Early and Stop Hitting the Snooze Button

5 Reasons to Get Out of Bed Early and Stop Hitting the Snooze Button

‘The early bird gets the worm’ isn’t just something that your grandma says every 5 seconds, it’s actually a true statement. People who get out of bed earlier than others have been shown to have more drive to get things done, have more drive to be successful, and are thusly happier and less depressed because of these reasons.

People who sleep until 1 pm on the weekends have been shown to be reclusive and depressed because their whole day has blown by them while they were sleeping. These are two completely different mindsets, and while your sleeping habits don’t completely make your personality, they do say something about your ethic to being successful.

So if you’re a night owl, here are 5 reasons you should be getting out bed earlier and stop hitting that annoying snooze button:

#1 – Getting Out of Bed Earlier Triggers a Cortisol Release Sooner

Cortisol is a natural chemical in your body, and it has an awesome awakening effect, similar to caffeine, only not as stimulant-like. It’s more of a gradual increase in energy that you won’t really notice in one huge burst like you get with coffee.

People who stay in bed longer will usually sleep right through this release of cortisol, missing out on its effects. Or conversely, the cortisol release won’t be as strong or will trigger later in the day after you’ve had coffee already.

#2 – You’ll Have More Drive 

How many times have you seen rich people getting up early and going for a run at 5 am and then going to the office to finally work? More often than you think. There’s a reason why that’s true, and this mindset sets you up to more disciplined in your money-making ventures and other important life aspects.

#3 – You’ll Feel Better

Staying in bed and hitting the snooze button 5 times won’t help you feel better at all. If anything, you’ll feel worse after taking so many micro naps.

It’s better just to get it over with and get out of bed. Besides, getting out of bed earlier allows you to get a mean breakfast going to really jumpstart your energy tanks!

#4 – Gives You Time for a Cold Shower

Usually when you get up late, you take a quick shower and you’re out the door. But did you know that ending with a cold blast of water boosts your immune system and wakes you up even more? Try it!

#5 – Makes Driving Safer

Not giving yourself enough time to wake up properly is dangerous. People fall asleep on the way to work all the time, and it’s ultra dangerous. Not only could you get yourself killed, but you could kill someone else, and it’s because you stayed in bed too long.

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