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09 Apr

For many men who prefer intense workouts and weightlifting, being advised to do yoga might sound incredulous. But what if you were told that scientific studies have proven that yoga can lead to better sexual health, not just for women, but also for men? If you’re familiar with Kama Sutra, … Read the full article

09 Apr

Sometimes, you wish you could go back to girlfriend and boyfriend status. Less commitment, more fun, hot sex.

Hot sex. Yeah, that was a big thing… before you got married. She wanted a ring, you wanted to give her a ring, but when the ring was placed and the vows … Read the full article

06 Feb

About the product

Myodrol is a testosterone-boosting supplement that swears by on using quality components that have been proven effectual on people rather than on animals, which is kind of common among supplements. Many products claim effectiveness but their clinical evidence is based on animal studies, not on human beings. … Read the full article

26 Oct

About the Product

Erectzan is a male enhancement supplement that promises to help guys out there with sexual function issues. It claims to be a 100 percent natural male enhancement solution that’s said to be one of the top-selling and most effectual products in today’s market. Consumers of Erectzan are Read the full article

11 Oct

It’s actually a natural progression of things – it gets dull after long years. New things always bring excitement and bliss, while the old ones are discarded. Sometimes it’s the same thing for relationships. The intimacy and the passion that was once so steamy eventually fizzle out. Having sex with … Read the full article