Foods You Want to Bring Into the Bedroom

by Joseph Printer
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We’ve seen the movies, and we’ve even tried to reenact the scenes:

A man and a woman, about to get down and dirty, sit back and stare at each other. They wonder what they could possibly do to make this experience more enjoyable, to make it a tad different from all the other times they’ve had together. Perhaps adding a food of some sort would help spice things up. So, they go and get the most natural substance they can think of in the kitchen; I mean hey, it’s healthy and tastes good. It’s honey.

But, do movies or scenes ever tell us what happens after the act is over? Do they ever tell us that women actually hate cleaning that sticky mess off of their bodies?

The answer to that question is NO.

But it’s okay, because I’m here to help. I’m here to teach you what foods you should want to bring into the bedroom; I’m here to tell you what drinks and substances will get her, and you, going into over drive.

Bonus: It won’t be too messy to clean up afterwards.


Women genuinely enjoy champagne; It’s delicious, bubbly texture leaves a bit of a thrill inside their mouths and all over their bodies.

couple in bed with champagne and fruits in foregroundSo, here’s an idea: Pour a little tiny bit over one another, right after you each have a glass. Be sure not to overdo it though, too much champagne will waste alcohol and will leave whatever the two of you are laying on drenched. Then, start licking and sucking it off each other’s bodies.

Suggestion: Try chilling the champagne before you bring it out. Then, pour a little in your mouth and suck around her nipples. The chill and warm feeling combined will arouse her senses. However, avoid pouring champagne on or over sex organs; The penis and vagina will not be happy with you.


I know what you’re thinking: “I know what breath mints do, they get your mouth ready to feel refreshed for kissing.” Err, wrong.

Actually, breath mints cool your mouth. This is great immediately before having oral sex. The cooling sensation can leave both men and women hungry for more.

Here’s an additional tip: have a mint in your mouth while you’re eating her out. Her clitoris will go wild with pleasure. Make sure to ask her if she likes the feeling, though, considering some mints are too strong and may cause harm instead of pleasure.

Chocolate Sauce

Yes, this is assumed to get messy. However, trust me on this one. The chocolate sauce will taste too good while licking it off of her, you won’t be able to stop. And who cares if it’s a few extra calories; Really enjoy yourself in this moment. If it gets a little messy, head to the showers to finish your night of pleasure.

Although chocolate sauce is a favorite of many, and is known everywhere, there are ways to put a twist on it. Grab a paint brush and dip it in the sauce. Run it across your lady’s body and have her run it across yours, at separate intervals, of course. Adding more sauce to the areas you, or she, would like to be focused on is also a good idea.

If you want to make it a dessert entirely instead of just a chocolate snack, add some whipped cream and cherries. I’ll warn you, though. Here’s where it’ll get messy.

And remember, chocolate sauce on one of you per night is probably the way to go. Let the fun continue another night.


naked woman with strawberry on groin areaEveryone has used strawberries in a sexual fantasy at least once in their lives. But I’m here to tell you there are other fruits that get the job done just as well. Such fruits are: oranges, grapefruits, peaches, and watermelon. But remember, it has to be in small pieces, or else it will probably end up falling out of your mouth and will not come across as sexy, at all.

Not only is using fruit in sex highly arousing, it also raises libido levels and intensifies taste buds.

For example, take a little bite of one of the fruits mentioned above and run it across her lips, neck, or nipples. And make sure to not leave behind any sticky juices; This will turn her on even more, due to you sucking the juices off her body.


This one may surprise you, but water can intensify sex in the bedroom tenfold. When I say water, I mean both cold and warm water.

You’re probably wondering, why’s that? Well, because the change in temperature raises a person’s ability to be aroused. And, switching between the two every few moments can intensify sensations, leading to a better orgasm.

Suggestion: While she’s giving you head, have her swish warm water around in her mouth. Then, have her gently suck you for a few moments before switching over to ice cubes. You’ll jump a little out of your seat, but it will be a good thing. As for her, put an ice cube in your mouth and gently suck around her nipples and down her breasts; she’ll be squirming under you.

There are food fantasies to avoid.

  • Don’t use any type of spicy foods in the bedroom. Such foods will hurt if they leak into the wrong places.
  • Do not let any type of food or drink get too close to the sex organs. This means do not allow such substances near the tip of the penis or the opening of the vagina. Foods containing sugar can create bacteria build up in the urethra, resulting in painful yeast infections.
  • Try to avoid using containers, such as a container that holds chocolate sauce. It’s better to get a squeezable bottle, since double dipping in a container can be unsanitary.

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