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11 Sep

Sexual dysfunction happens when you have problems that stop you from gaining pleasure while engaging in sexual activities. It can happen at any time, and at any age, this health condition isn’t age-related, although the risk may increase as you age.

Stress is a major cause of sexual dysfunction, and Read the full article’s-How-You-Can-Boost-Your-Sexual-Performance-1000x600.jpg
19 Dec

Sex is not only one of the most exciting and pleasurable activities adults do, but it is also very good for you. Many people fail to realize that having sex on a regular basis actually counts as a form of exercise – yes, by having sex, you can burn calories … Read the full article

31 Oct

The penis plays a critical role in a man’s sex life. It has to be in tip-top condition at all times, so that every single sexual encounter he has is satisfying and pleasurable. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hit by complications that can stop it from achieving or sustaining erections … Read the full article