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24 Feb

Single, married… it doesn’t matter. Even when you’ve already settled down, masturbation is still very much okay to include in your private life, private space and private time. As a matter of fact, masturbating can have a notable impact not only on you as an individual, but also on your … Read the full article

20 Feb

You need sex boosters if you want to have the best sex life ever. How are you going to get it? Maybe you have been reading men’s magazines and trying to get sex tips from there. Maybe you have talked to others about what works for boosting their sex life. … Read the full article

13 Dec

Maxis 10 Next Generation Enhancement Formula Summary

Maxis 10 is a natural formula which the maker toutsto support self-esteem; promotes sexual confidence; and elevates performance. They say it will magnify erection size; enhance quality; and improve frequency.

The company asserts that these functions also intensify orgasm control; amplify the libido; … Read the full article

13 Dec

Hardazan Plus Sexual Enhancement Sensation Analysis

This company promotes Hardazan Plus as being a completely natural complex which amplifies stamina; improves erection staying power; and increases sexual performance. They assert that it will elevate vigor; enhance vitality; and boost prostate health.
The maker also insists that this formula will diminish … Read the full article

13 Dec

Advantage Nutraceuticals Vydexafil Enhancement Summary

Advantage Nutraceuticals touts Vydexafil to reduce performance anxieties; enhance confidence; and boost testosterone production. They say it will amplify the libido; increase erection frequency; and improve quality.
The company further insists that this complex can intensify sensation; magnify sperm count; and elevate volume. This product … Read the full article

04 May

Most of us have experienced that awkward hour and a half of watching your gym teacher put a condom on a banana. Sex Ed is mostly focused on consent, STD prevention and birth control methods. All very important things to know. What we were never taught was HOW to actually … Read the full article

04 May

Dealing with a flake can be infuriating. You pulled out all your most clever lines, she seemed to be engaged when you first met, but she keeps avoiding the first date. It’s always some random excuse or no reply at all. You keep trying to get something lined up. How … Read the full article

04 May

Morning sex is the best kind of sex. Nothing like waking up to a warm naked body next to you and getting hot and heavy before breakfast. There’s no better way to start the day. Here’s how to have to have morning sex that’s hotter than the sun.

Get her

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