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25 Jul

If you’re trying to lose weight, chances are you’ve wished for a faster and easier solution than long-term dieting and exercise. Weight loss pills and supplements may seem like the answer for quick and low effort weight loss. But they are usually only slightly effective at best, and at worst they can be dangerous for your health.

Weight loss supplements and their manufacturers promise miracles, but often they don’t deliver. Most studies on supplements, even ones done by the manufacturers, show only modest results. Melinda Manore, a professor at Oregon State University, looked at the studies done on a variety of supplements, including ones that are supposed to block the absorption of fat or carbs, boost metabolism, change your body composition to reduce body fat, and suppress your appetite, so you eat less. She wrote that on average when participants did have weight loss with any of these types of supplements, it was typically only four to seven pounds over months-long studies.

If you’re looking into weight loss supplements, chances are you’re hoping for more dramatic weight loss. Only about 9% of people in supplement studies reached their weight loss goal and were able to keep the weight off, while most people who lose weight with supplements gain it back. Thirty percent don’t lose any weight at all.

Why are so many supplements falling short for weight loss?

One factor is that many of their ingredients aren’t thoroughly tested and might not have any real weight loss benefits at all. Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA in the same way as over the counter and prescription drugs, so they don’t need to prove that their ingredients are effective before going on the market. When a supplement says “clinically tested” or “clinically proven” on the label, there might only be one or two small studies on its effects, and these studies are often commissioned by the manufacturers themselves. Often supplements contain a mix of ingredients beyond the main ones they advertise, so it can be hard to tell which, if any, are affecting people’s weight.

On top of using ingredients that haven’t been proven effective, supplement labels may not be accurate to what’s inside. Since their products aren’t officially regulated, it’s easier for companies to lie about ingredients. That means that the supplements you take might not even have the weight loss ingredients they advertise, or they can have other potentially harmful ingredients.

Interfere with Medications

Non-prescription supplements can also interfere with other medications you’re taking, especially if they contain hidden ingredients. A lot of supplements are designed to change your metabolism and how you absorb food. Not only do these changes affect how you take in food, but they also change how you absorb your medications. You may be getting too much or too little out of the same pills you usually take without even realizing it.

The FDA has found that many dietary supplements contain hidden ingredients that are also found in prescription drugs. They issued warnings on 12 weight loss supplements in 2017, and so far in 2018, they’ve published another eight. For example, several weight loss products were found containing the ingredient sibutramine, which is one of the active ingredients in the prescription weight-loss drug Meridia. Meridia was taken off the market in 2010 for causing heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular issues.

The supplements Oxyelite Pro, Sport Burner, and potentially other similar products contain the active ingredient from Prozac (fluoxetine), a prescription antidepressant. Some “water pills” designed to reduce bloating from water weight have a serious diuretic called triamterene which is also prescription-only. On top of these, the FDA found ingredients from prescription medication for seizures and blood pressure in other weight loss products. Even some products labeled as “natural” or “herbal” may have these or similar ingredients added.

Dangerous Side Effects

Popular natural weight loss products can also have dangerous health side effects on their own. Bitter orange is a common supplement ingredient made from the fruit of the bitter orange tree. Its scientific name is Citrus aurantium. Bitter orange contains the compound synephrine, a stimulant, which is usually used to increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite for weight loss. Synephrine has the risk of increasing your heart rate and raising your blood pressure, putting you at a higher risk of cardiovascular issues. In extreme cases, you could be at risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Synephrine is similar to another naturally derived stimulant also used to be used as a weight loss supplement that has been banned by the FDA for its dangerous side effects. Ephedra, also called ma-huang, was banned in 2003 after over 16,000 reports of health problems caused by the drug. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic recommend skipping bitter orange because this risk outweighs its potential weight loss benefits. Many other naturally derived and man-made weight loss supplements use stimulants to boost metabolism and decrease appetite. These treatments may also have serious cardiovascular effects.

The ban on ephedra also helps explain why it can be so difficult to tell if the supplements available in stores and online are safe. The FDA typically only bans supplement ingredients after there have been significant cases of it causing serious problems. That means that dangerous ingredients can stay on the market for longer and that their users have to experience major side effects before they’re pulled from the shelves.

Supplements can get in the way of your weight loss goals by discouraging you from more proven methods for dropping pounds. The nutrition researcher Melissa Manore confirms that the most reliable keys to weight loss are a lower calorie diet with fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, combined with staying active. Healthy lifestyle changes will help you keep the weight you lose off for the long haul, without the risk of side effects from untested ingredients.

Most weight loss supplements, manmade and natural, are unlikely to help you lose weight and may pose a threat to your health with hidden and unsafe ingredients. Diet changes and exercise remain the keys to healthy and safe weight loss.

15 Jun

Obesity is a serious problem in the United States and, as you age, it becomes more and more difficult to avoid. Therefore, you want to engage in habits that will help you lose weight. Unfortunately, there are many seemingly innocent behaviors that can lead to weight gain. If you are worried about obesity, then you might want to avoid these behaviors.

Insignificant Weight Gain

Gaining a couple of pounds will not necessarily lead to obesity. Sometimes, it can actually be healthy to gain a few pounds, especially if you are underweight or if you are engaging in serious physical activity. However, people who start getting a tiny bit heavier are unlikely to be able to stop. Even if your weight gain is due to an increase in muscle mass, you still have a higher chance of being unable to stop gaining weight if you ever take a long enough break from exercising. Eventually, your weight gain can lead to serious obesity.

There are a number of reasons for this. When people put on some weight, they may not having the time or energy to try to lose it. If you do not ever exercise or diet, then small amounts of weight gain can accumulate over time until you are obese. Additionally, weight gain becomes more difficult to avoid as you age. Older people sometimes start putting on a few pounds and, if you do not make lifestyles changes to keep up with you physiological changes, those few pounds can turn into a lot more pounds very quickly.

obese man standing in football field holding his shoesSome studies all show that, when you gain small amounts of weight, certain metabolic changes occur in your body that inhibit your taste buds’ ability to regenerate. As a result, some of your taste buds stop responding to certain flavors, especially sugary and salty flavors. You become more likely to eat unhealthy foods that you would have normally avoided before you gained any weight. The increase in the amount of food that you are willing to eat can lead to more weight gain, which makes you even less sensitive to certain flavors. You get stuck on a positive feedback loop and you end up suffering from obesity.

An Unclean Environment

It is no question that some of the compounds floating around environment can play a big role in your body’s chemical makeup. Certain chemical imbalances in your body can make it easier for you to gain a few pounds. For example, some chemical imbalances can cause your brain to constantly tell you that you are hungry. Some imbalances can make you extremely tired so that you do not engage in adequate physical activity. Other imbalances will affect your digestive system in ways that cause you to put on some weight.

Scientists set out to figure out which type of chemicals can inhibit weight loss and a recent study shows that certain dust particles can cause adipose tissues to develop into mature fat cells. Adipose tissue is like a pre-fat cells. If dust is turning your adipose tissue into fat cells, then a dusty home can actually be causing obesity. The study also revealed that certain dust particles can cause lipids to accumulate in your blood, which can also lead to weight gain. Scientists believe that certain compounds that are commonly found in dust can impact your hormones. Usually, this hormonal disruption ends up causing things like tumors and cancer. However, in this study, it was revealed that they primarily cause obesity.

The study is very recent and still largely inconclusive. More research is necessary to determine if dust can really make you gain fat. Therefore, you do not need to be in a rush to clean up your home in order to lose some weight. However, a clean environment is definitely beneficial to your health, so it is unsurprising that it also might be beneficial to your weight. Even if later studies seem to suggest that dust particles have a negligible effect on weight, it still will not hurt you to try to breathe in fresher air.

Social Networking

The new studies on how social media causes obesity started when they realized that obesity might actually be spreadable. When your sibling becomes obese, your chances of becoming obese increase by 40%. Researchers assumed that this statistic had to do with genetics, but some scientists were not so sure that genetics played such a big role in weight gain. They later proved that, when your spouse is obese, your chances of becoming obese also increase my 40%. However, this evidence did not prove much because, even though spouses are not related, they still eat the same meals and engage in similar workout routines.

overweight man addicted to social media networking holding multiple phonesWhile the statistic on spouses proves that obesity is sometimes unrelated to genetics, it does not demonstrate that obesity is spreadable. Then, studies showed that, when a friend becomes obese, your chance of becoming obese increases by 57%, even if you live far away and live hugely different lifestyles. You do not usually share all your meals with friends, so scientists now believe that social connections influence your perception of acceptable weight and health. Therefore, if many friends on social media are gaining weight, you are likely to gain weight as well because you will think that weight gain is normal and natural. The opposite is also true. If many of your friends are in good shape, then you are more likely to feel as though staying in good shape is normal and natural, so you might end up putting in the effort to live a healthy life.

However, it is much more likely that you will end up gaining weight due to social media influences. It is almost always easier to be lazy and gain weight than it is to be active and lose weight. Additionally, studies show that, when friends post pictures of food, you have a high chance of getting hungry, even if you have just eaten. If you act on this hunger, then you might end up overeating and gaining some weight.

Dieting and exercise are obviously the two best ways to avoid obesity. However, your likelihood of becoming obese can increase under certain surprising situations. You do not have to completely avoid social media, dirty environments, or insignificant weight gain, but you should be careful around these circumstances because it can lead to obesity.

21 Mar

What is Green Tea Fat Metabolizer?

When it comes to losing weight, green tea is one of the most popular components used thanks to scientific evidence suggesting it has potent weight loss properties. Years of clinical studies and tests suggest that this herb has active compounds that can be effective in helping users shed pounds, mainly because green tea contains fat-burning properties. Aside from this, this plant also offers a variety of other weight loss and health benefits.

One of the weight loss supplements in the market today using green tea as a primary component is Green Tea Fat Metabolizer. It claims to help users achieve weight loss effects thanks to its high concentration of green tea extracts, as well as other potent natural ingredients. But, does Green Tea Fat Metabolizer really stand out? Can it generate positive results making consumers leaner and healthier for good? Let’s find out below.

Understanding How It Works

Green Tea Fat Metabolizer by Irwin Naturals is claimed to be one of the best-selling weight loss products in the present. People trust the supplement because it comes from a well-known company with a solid reputation in the industry. Irwin Naturals is greatly commended for providing natural products designed for a variety of health purposes. Green Tea Fat Metabolizer, specifically, is developed to help users lose weight effectively. This is said to be accomplished by rousing the metabolism and allowing your appetite to be suppressed. The less you eat, the easier it is to lose weight. Plus, a faster metabolism means you get to lose weight fast, too.

What Are the Components?

green tea capsulesApparently, Green Tea Fat Metabolizer’s main component is green tea extract. Green tea, as an individual ingredient, is backed by scientific proof, substantiating its weight loss properties. Basically, green tea facilitates the breakdown of fat in the body. There’s also the presence of chromium in the supplement, which is another component widely used in many weight loss products.

This said ingredient aids in the managing of blood sugar levels while simultaneously helping you to control cravings and appetite in general. The rest of the components in Green Tea Fat Metabolizer are bioperine, ginger extract, piper, longum extract, black pepper extract, ad advantra Z. These aforementioned components are claimed by the manufacturer to be highly potent and effective as they work together to produce significant fat loss.

Product Features

Green Tea Fat Metabolizer has green tea extract, which is clinically tested to help in the breaking down of fat.
It also has chromium which is another weight loss ingredient that is supported by scientific proof.
Using Green Tea Fat Metabolizer can help you manage your blood sugar levels.
It enables you to control your appetite and boosts the body’s mechanism to torch fat.
Green Tea Fat Metabolizer comes from a highly regarded company, which makes it trustworthy.
fresh and dried green teaThe supplement is accessible in many online retailers and supermarkets.
There are several positive testimonials describing Green Tea Fat Metabolizer’s performance.

However, even if the active ingredient in the supplement is backed by clinical evidence, Green Tea Fat Metabolizer itself isn’t. There are also some negative feedbacks with customers reporting that the supplement doesn’t produce notable results. Due to the stimulants present in the product, it can lead to difficulty sleeping and restlessness. Hence, it’s not recommended for those who have high sensitivity to stimulants.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Green Tea Fat Metabolizer is a promising weight loss supplement. It comes from a well-known manufacturer with a good reputation. This can make customers feel secure about using the product. It also has an excellent combination of weight loss components that are mostly backed by science when it comes to their potency. It is reasonably priced compared to similar supplements as well.

Its positive features outweigh some issues, so Green Tea Fat Metabolizer is definitely worth trying. Nonetheless, remember that there’s no magical solution when it comes to weight loss. You still need to make the necessary lifestyle changes, such as sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to gain significant results.

08 Feb

If you’re putting on weight incessantly despite your considerable efforts in cutting down your calories, then the reason for your weight gain could be something else other than calories. Some of the other reasons include environmental toxins, sugars, particularly fructose, work-shifts that lead to sleeping problems, electromagnetic fields, noise pollution, and stress.

Several of the possible reasons here aren’t obvious causes and it’s understandable why they aren’t. For one, how could loud noises contribute to your difficulty in losing weight? How could electromagnetic fields fit into the weight-gain equation? But, there’s one common denominator at play here, and that is each of these causes leads to adrenal hormone changes that result in weight gain. How does this happen?

When survival mode comes into the picture

Naturally, all mammals on the planet have the capacity to regulate their body weight  despite small changes in their food consumption. All mammals are also capable of putting on weight without the need to increase food intake when getting ready for hibernation or when faced with the threat of food shortage. This is achieved through storage response in the body, which all mammals have. This is called the survival mode and it happens to humans, too.

When you’re not in the survival mode, the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) has a stable daily pace. While there’s a huge burst of in the morning when you awaken, the body produces less and less of it as the day goes on.

overweight man stressing in front of computer at workHowever, when things like noise, toxins, and stressors set off the body’s natural inclination for a survival mode, this normal pace and rhythm of the cortisol get out of whack. When cortisol timing alters, the energy in the bloodstream is seized by the belly fat, which is utilized to expand the fat cells.

Realizing that weight gain is the body’s way of getting ready for famine makes it clearer why decreasing food consumption rarely results in permanent weight loss. Since your food intake significantly reduces when you practice a new diet, it only makes it worse if your body is already gearing up for food scarcity.

While you can push yourself harder, it’s not the best way to lose weight that can last. Rather, long-lasting change in your weight can be achieved by comforting yourself more effectually. Diet and exercise are still important players when it comes to losing weight, but people often overlook stress as another factor that needs to be effectively managed in order to not interfere with your efforts.

That’s why practices that can soothe the mind and alleviate stress are now also regarded as effective ways of losing weight. This includes meditation, yoga, good sleep, probiotics, and massage, among others.

Treating the cortisol cycle that was ruined by external triggers

All of the aforementioned remedies can aid in the treatment of the cortisol cycle generation. Only when your production of cortisol becomes normal again that you will have a long-lasting weight loss effects. The only predicament in these solutions is that they take a while and several people aren’t that patient.

Moreover, a simple diet has been demonstrated to cure the same cortisol cycle solely by itself. It is effective because a good source of carbohydrates such as squash and buckwheat can be effectual in reducing your cortisol levels. You can have these carbs at night to restart your cortisol pace since it’s better to have higher cortisol in the morning and lower levels at night.

Final thoughts

Sometimes, stagnation in your weight loss goals is not because you’re indolent or because you lack discipline. It’s also not because you think you’re still eating a lot even if you’re really not. It’s not because your efforts are generally lacking.

busy man eating burger and coffee in front of work computerOnce you realize how stress hormones lead to weight gain, it becomes crystal clear that negative emotions such as shame, self-doubt, and self-blame can make the process of weight loss even tougher because of the cortisol oozing out.

The contemporary world is full of famine triggers and your body is just doing what it is naturally designed to do for self-preservation. It doesn’t know that the reason you’re eating less food is because you want to lose weight. It interprets the decrease of food intake as a potential crisis when it comes to your supply of provisions.

Hence, the key to being lean and healthy is not through further depriving yourself of food, which then leads to unhappiness and additional stress, but from effectually comforting and valuing yourself. The more effective you become in handling stressors, the greater shot you have at truly losing weight that can last.

07 Dec

The Rules of Clean Bulking–How to Pile On Muscle Without Getting Fat
Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to put on muscle our diet is going to by far the way outweigh our exercise program. No matter how hard you train if you’re not eating right is simply not going to have the body composition that you want, and in most cases that means more body fat.
While you do one to be taking in more calories per day than you normally do if you’re looking to bulk up, you still need to be eating the right types of foods and in turn right kinds of calories to make sure your new gains are primarily muscle and you’re not just putting on more fat.

The Top Foods to Eat When You Want to Bulk Up


Or you go on any type of meal plan or diet, you should make sure that your digestive health is in check as it’s going to greatly affect these results. This is because the bacteria that are found in our digestive tract are responsible for the breakdown and synthesis of pretty much all the nutrients we need to get from our diet.
Not having the proper distribution of bacteria in our guts causes things like indigestion, bloating and gas which is not only uncomfortable, but a sign that our digestive tract isn’t in sync like it should be.

Consuming foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and other fermented foods which contain these beneficial bacteria can help improve our digestive health and Foss helpless bulk up in a more efficient and effective manner.

2-Low Fat Chocolate Milk

Milk is not only one of the most nutritionally balanced foods out there which we can consume, is one that is extremely convenient makes it easy to include in our diet on a regular basis.

Milk provides us with a protein we need to start repairing and regrowing the muscle tissue we damaged through exercise. It contains plenty of whey protein which the body can almost immediately digest and synthesize, and also plenty of casein which can be slowly digested and used over a longer period of time.

In addition to that milk contains plenty of calcium, potassium and other electrolytes we need to replenish after a hard workout. The chocolate within milk provides plenty of Anti-oxidant sys well which is going to help neutralize some of the free radicals that come as a result of the breakdown of tissue through exercise.

3-Fatty Fish/Nuts/Seeds

Healthy fats tend to get left behind in many cases when we’re trying to bulk while limiting our fat accumulation. This is because fats contain the most calories by gram of weight and thus are the first foods we look to eliminate here.

The problem with this is that the body needs certain types of fats especially monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are essential to your gains.
This is because these types of fats play an important role in the health and maintenance of our nervous system, which in turn is what controls on our skeletal muscle contractions. If the health of our nervous system is poor, than our recovery time from exercise is going to be extended.

Eating foods which are rich in these types of fats are going to help keep our nervous system healthy and decreased a recovery time needed in between exercise.

4-Drink Plenty of Water

You should be keeping hydrated anyway if you’re exercising regularly as doing so comes along plenty of other benefits besides optimizing your muscle gain. As far as putting on muscle mass is concern no hydration is important because of one major factor, that being protein synthesis.

Protein synthesis occurs within the cells of our body no matter what type of tissue it is, to and is highly dependent on the cell being fully hydrated. If this is not the case than the rate of protein synthesis decreases which in turn means that we will not see gains were expecting as a result of our exercise.

To combat this you should be drinking plenty of water not only during exercise but before and after as well. You shouldn’t be waiting till you feel thirsty to grab a drink of water as this is a sign that it is too late and you are already dehydrated.

17 Nov

First thing we need to get out of the way here is the false idea that can potentially spot remove fat. This idea is the furthest thing from the truth and if you think that you can do crunches to get rid of belly fat you’re going to be in for rough ride.

Without being said, there are effective ways in which you can lose fat in trouble areas, if you know how to go about it in the right manner. Building up your muscle in these areas is a really effective way in doing so, as building up more muscle is going to require more energy in order to maintain it and false you should burn more calories and lose weight in theory.

Many people make the mistake of focusing way too much on consistently dropping weight, as their number one concern is weight loss. In a vacuum in this may seem like it makes sense, however there is one major piece of the puzzle missing here. That that being that muscle weighs much more than fat, and that your average weight scale can’t tell the difference.

What Is the Difference Between a Pound of Muscle and Fat?

The idea that gaining more weight will help you lose weight seems counterintuitive, however this may be most effective way in doing so. The first consideration here is that muscle requires a tremendous amount of energy just to maintain it, and even more so when it is in use.

This is a stark difference between muscle in fat, as fat tissue is generally just used for storage and thus requires little to no energy for the body to maintain it. In addition to this town the fat is going to take up lot more volume than a pound of muscle does due to the difference in density.

This means that town of muscle on your body is going to look drastically different than if you had a pound of fat in its place. Adding more muscle is an effective way to help you lose weight in the long run.

Save Dieting for Another Time

Being able to provide your body with the adequate amount of calories and nutrition it needs in order to carry out all the necessary functions is an extremely difficult balancing act to carry out, when you’re trying to lose weight and exercising at the same time.

This means that there’s very little room for error as far as your caloric needs are concerned. Again if you’re working out while trying to cut your calories and lose fat the same time, to cotton your calories too much can result in the opposite effect in that you end up gaining weight in the process.

A better strategy here is to focus more so than being consistent in your exercise and revolving your diet around that accordingly. Meaning that if you are feeling more hungry one day than you would another day and need to consume an extra hundred or so calories it not only OK to do so is preferred.

The fact of the matter is that you’re going to require property and nutrition if you’re going to properly grow this muscle which is going to in turn help you to lose more fat.

Hit Every Area Consistently

Another huge mistake that people make when it comes to weight loss, is that although they do exercise they don’t do so to where their giving the needed attention to these problem areas.

Many people make the mistake of getting too focused on only one area and neglecting the others. This is very common in people looking to target just one specific problem area, which tends to be the focus of their exercise.

For example for some reason people who are looking to lose body fat tend to revolve their routine brown exercises which targets the midsection. Again not only does spot fat removal not work, these types of exercises are generally isolation exercises which don’t require too much energy to do to begin with.

A better method to lose fat here want to be corporation lot of cardiovascular exercise and retain, as well as plenty of compound exercises which are going to work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Doing so is going to result in more muscle growth in different areas of the body with less of a time investment.

You also want to be getting every muscle group periodically as well in an effort to maintain a proper balance. Not doing so can lead to problems with the asymmetry within the body, and can lead to problems with posture and the spine down the road.

26 Oct

1. Make Exercise Enjoyable

Many of us just dread going to the gym, as you certainly aren’t alone if you fall in to this category. If this sounds like you, try taking up other activites instead. This includes bike riding, paddle boarding, football, soccer, swimming, volleyball etc. Any recreational activity that requires effort is going to burn you calories, and you will have fun doing it.

Exercising with a friend or group of friends by taking up a sport on the weekends makes it that much more fun, and something you look forward to doing as opposed to dreading the gym.

2. Drink More Water

Water not only helps to fill you up, but being hydrated helps you to burn more of those calories off, and quicker as well. Many people who drink a glass of water prior to eating feel that it helps them eat more appropriate portions, due to the limited remaining room in the stomach.

Keeping a bottle of water around for the person who likes to nervously eat or just does so out of habit along with watching their favorite television shows is a good idea as well. Instead of grabbing some chips, pretzels or some other snack food that has no nutritional value outside of calories you can substitute that with water which is healthy and has no calories.

The same idea works with fruit juice, sports drinks, energy drinks and soda. Drinking an excess of calories is a lot easier to do than it is to eat them, so try to avoid these drinks especially.

3. Keep Portion Sizes Down

This may sound counterintuitive, but studies show that depriving your body of food you crave makes the individual eat more out of hunger defeating the purpose of cutting calories. A better option instead is to incorporate healthy foods that you will enjoy, foods that have high fiber and protein which will satiate that hunger craving.

Berries, grapes, cherries, raw bell peppers, celery, and broccoli are good snack choices. These are foods that can be eaten on the run, or at work for a snack. Healthy snack choice that can be substituted for a trip to the vending machine will help you cut calories and save money all while remaining satiated.

Since we are going to be eating the same amount or slightly more, it is a good idea to try and schedule in an additional workout or exercise routine to offset these extra calories.

4. Share Meals When Eating Out

Let’s face it, if you live in the United States and have ever gone out to dinner, chances are that your plate is overfull from the huge portion sizes that they serve. We simply do not need to eat this many calories, so it would be a good suggestion to share meals.

Sharing meals not only cuts down the portion sizes and of course the cost of your meal; but also makes you consider the health of whoever you are eating with as well. This may not seem like a huge issue, but when a person is choosing a meal that is not only for themselves but for someone else as well, the person in question will choose a healthier option.

Another thing to consider that can easily be overlooked when dining is the size of the dishware itself. Putting a smaller portion of food on a larger plate gives our brains the impression that there isn’t a lot of calories on the plate, leaving us craving more.

Conversely, if you were to take that same size portion and put it on a smaller plate, a different effect will result. Our brains will think that there are a lot of calories in this same portion because of its size relative to the plate. So the same size portion of food could either leave you satiated or unsatisfied solely depending on the dish that it is served in.

5-Keep Your Meals Regular

By this we mean that you should be eating on a regular schedule. Many people snack late at night before bed or in between meals which really packs on the pounds. Keeping to a more strict eating schedule and of course keeping these foods out of the house will help.

If need be make a schedule and plan out your meals at specific times to better get your body acclimated to your diet, and to increase your chances of success.

04 Oct

About ProbioSlim

ProbioSlim is a probiotics brand of product developed by the manufacturer of the same name. It is designed for the purpose of fat burning and digestion enhancement. It is offered on many online stores that sell nutritional supplements and other health products. It is also available on such stores as GNC, CVS, and Walmart, among others. You can also purchase it from Amazon.com. Companies selling ProbioSlim are able to give an elaborate overviw of its features and benefits. Very much involved with ProbioSlim’s efficiency and promotion is LactoSpore. It is a durable substance that decreases diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and gassiness. Hence, it is clinically developed to endure the environment of the gut. There are also fig, kiwi, and papaya extract in ProbioSlim’s formulation to provide maximum nourishment. Also, there’s the green tea leaf complex alongside caffeine to aid in weight loss and energy increase. This is achieved by repressing one’s appetite and torching of fat. ProbioSlim is available in a 60-capsule bottle and a 30-capsule bottle. You can either one bottle of the former and two bottles of the latter, which has the price of $60, roughly.

Component Profile

Below are the ingredients present in ProbioSlim’s formula:

LS3664 Whole Health Superblend, LactoSpore Bacillus Coagulans, Super EGCG Green Tea Extract Camellia Sinensis Leaf 50% EGCG, Green Tea Extract Camellia Sinensis Leaf 50% Caffeine, Kiwi Fruit Extract Actinidia Deliciosa Fruit, Fig Extract Ficus Carica Fruit, Papaya Extract Carica Papaya Fruit

More Info on the Product

It is claimed that this product is one of the most durable and efficient strains of probiotics, which delivers an excellent blend of LactoSpore. Basically, LactoSpore is a distinctive spore-forming formulation. Apart from this, ProbioSlim has other components such as green tea leaf extract, caffeine, and fruit extracts. All these, alongside diet changes, can be highly helpful in aiding to achieve healthier digestion, heightened energy, as well as in helping with losing weight.

Product Features

Taking Probiotics is a safe means of fat loss while improving your digestion at the same time.
There’s a free trial provided by its manufacturer.
There are discounts provided by some stores that sell ProbioSlim.
ProbioSlim can be expediently purchased through many online stores in the United States, as well as abroad through major stores.
ProbioSlim doesn’t cause any adverse reactions.
There’s a continuous enrollment for customers who want to keep on using ProbioSlim.
There are positive user feedbacks that prospective users can read before making a decision.

The only issues in ProbioSlim is its presence of caffeine, which can lead to side effects to those who are sensitive to stimulants. Free trial of this product also turns to autoship enrollement.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Going for its free trial means you will also be registered to its membership program, or an autoship plan. This means you’ll continue getting a 30-day supply of this product every month. If you want to discontinue this arrangement, you need to contact their customer service. Otherwise, you’ll keep on getting billed for this product. If you like using ProbioSlim because you’re feeling positive results, recurring shipment is fine. But if it’s not, you need to cancel your enrollment. If not, you’ll be paying for something that doesn’t work well for you every month. Hence, it is important to be cautious of such enrollments before typing in your credit card info.

Customer Feedbacks

The customer reception for ProbioSlim is mixed. Some have positive feedbacks, while others, not so much. This is understandable since a supplement’s effeciveness, more often than not, depends on the person taking it.

Final Verdict

Nowadays people invest into their health and wellness. This is the reason there’re a huge demand for nutritional supplements because people are now more conscious of their health more than ever. It is important to be equipped with the substantual nutrients for health, sickness prevention, and a longer lifespan. Probiotics are one of those products that people take for better stomach health and other benefits. Aside from giving better digestion, ProbioSlim also claims to help with weight loss. The better and healthier one’s digestive processes are, the easier it is to lose weight.

16 Aug

It’s easy to think about losing weight and getting that lean physique you’ve always wanted, but the process of achieving it is not. Still, sticking to the basics when it comes to dieting and exercising can help you change your body for the better. These simple changes you can put into effect can make a notable difference not only in your physical appearance, but also in your overall strength and health. Here are 15 habits that naturally lean people practice:

Exercise first thing

Even when you’re still on the bed, you can begin to invigorate your body by doing a simple workout. Begin by sitting gradually without using your hands. Straighten out your legs on the bed and lean forward until you feel a mild stretch in your back and hamstrings. Hold this position and then lower yourself flat with the use of your abs. Rest afterwards and do it again two more times to achieve a stronger core. You’ll also end up burning 10 calories with this.

Settle for grains, most of the time

Health-conscious people know it’s better to go for whole grains in the morning instead of the sugar-packed cereals you often see in supermarkets.

Proteins in the morning

When you eat a full, healthy breakfast you’re less likely to eat too much later in the day. So, add some protein-rich foods in your morning routine, like an egg or two. As your body is completely nourished at the beginning of the day, it won’t bug you with sugary cravings come afternoon, which saves you from munching on unneeded calories.

Dress casually for work

Wearing comfortable clothes enable you to burn more calories, said in a study. The logic is pretty much simple: when you are not dress to impress preferring to wear comfy ones, you tend to walk more. If only the bosses knew.

Quit the soda habit

It’s loaded with artificial sugar, it’s high in calories, and it doesn’t have anything nourishing in it. Even if you opt for the low-calorie option, there’s still a catch – more health risks that it’s just easier to switch to healthier drinks like water and natural fruit juices.

Walk the talk

Don’t talk on the phone sitting. Make phone calls as an excuse to walk around. In a study, it’s been found that those who weigh more sit more than two and a half hours per day than those who weigh less.

Face to face delivery

Rather than emailing co-workers with stuff that needs to be relayed or delivered, why don’t you deliver it to them personally? That way your back and legs, among other parts of your body, get the break they need from hours of sitting.

Apple as a staple

Apples are rich in fiber and water, which makes you feel satiated for a longer period of time. Studies have also found that eating at least three of them a day can help you lose weight.

Switching to healthier coffee shop habits

Instead of ordering a large latte and a chocolate muffin, go for the non-fat latte and a low-fat carrot muffin. It’s fine to indulge in your regular muffin cravings as long as you don’t make it a habit.

When having pizza…

Use a napkin to trim down the amount of grease you consume. By letting the grease soaked in, you’re sparing yourself of calories.

Window shopping

You can take advantage of the mall atmosphere by checking new outfits and trying them on. You don’t need to buy them if you don’t want to. You’re just using it as an excuse to move around, really.

Adjust your portion size

Some prefer to eat six smaller meals a day because this helps people control their hunger throughout the day. Studies also show that this helps in minimizing blood sugar swings. But if you insist on sticking to the traditional three-times-per-day meals, the least you can do is lessen your portion sizes.

Zucchini instead of pasta

Get zucchini noodles instead of pasta to indulge in your pasta cravings. This way you’re able to dig in for fewer calories.

Stairway to fitness

Take the stars for at least two minutes every day, five days in a week. The calories burned through this are equivalent to a 20-minute walk.

Beer or wine is better

Instead of ordering frozen drinks, which gives you 300 calories or more, opt for beer or wine instead. A glass of beer is worth 140 calories while a serving of wine is only 126 calories.