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11 Jun

If mornings are your worst enemy, one of the best ways to get up and at ‘em is to have sex in the mornings.

Having sex when you wake up boosts your mood and increases your energy. It also can help decrease blood pressure, which is great! Reduced blood pressure … Read the full article

09 May

Everyone is aware of the phenomenon regarding younger women and older men: younger women go for older men and older men, in turn, go for younger women.

I mean, come on, it’s depicted everywhere. You watch a movie or television show and 9 times out of 10 there’s a relationship … Read the full article

25 Apr

We’ve seen the movies, and we’ve even tried to reenact the scenes:

A man and a woman, about to get down and dirty, sit back and stare at each other. They wonder what they could possibly do to make this experience more enjoyable, to make it a tad different from Read the full article

09 Apr

For many men who prefer intense workouts and weightlifting, being advised to do yoga might sound incredulous. But what if you were told that scientific studies have proven that yoga can lead to better sexual health, not just for women, but also for men? If you’re familiar with Kama Sutra, … Read the full article

09 Apr

Sometimes, you wish you could go back to girlfriend and boyfriend status. Less commitment, more fun, hot sex.

Hot sex. Yeah, that was a big thing… before you got married. She wanted a ring, you wanted to give her a ring, but when the ring was placed and the vows … Read the full article

06 Feb

About the product

Myodrol is a testosterone-boosting supplement that swears by on using quality components that have been proven effectual on people rather than on animals, which is kind of common among supplements. Many products claim effectiveness but their clinical evidence is based on animal studies, not on human beings. … Read the full article