Dr. Amen Brain Power Basics – How well does it work?

Dr. Amen Brain Power Basics - How well does it work?

While some of us kick back and allow aging to take its toll, others go out on a mission to find anything that helps to prevent or counteract the inevitable changes that slowly cause deterioration. And why not, when there are a stack of holistic products out there specially designed to assist these needs?

Whether you are wanting to improve your health physically or mentally, there is a supplement available. Depending on what you want to achieve is which formula to buy and this is why we have compiled information based on the results of clinical trials that have tested natural ingredients and added our expert knowledge to create reviews that you can trust.

We understand the importance of gracefully getting older as opposed to suffering the consequences of the drastic effects. That is why we have set out to help you find the perfect product for you!

The product and its purpose

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As both a brain enhancement and a dietary supplement, Dr. Amen Brain Power Basics promises to deliver a number of advantages to overall health, especially cognitive functions of the brain like improving concentration, focus and alertness. Boosting energy and providing a positive impact to short and long term memory loss is another of its claims.

The Omega 3 aspect is said to generate better mental clarity and make you feel calmer.

Overall this product is said to seriously increase the blood flow and more – it has been clinically tested with over 100 participants and the outstanding results were even published as well as recorded.


brainpowerbasics-ingredients-omega3powerThe decision to provide over sixty beneficial substances within one formula through combining a total of three different supplements was the manufacturer’s idea to create a powerful and effective product that can work in less time than most other products on the market.

As a whole, this product sets out to improve and support overall health of the brain and supply over sixty beneficial substances such as vitamins, phytonutrients, trace elements, digestive enzymes, and all-important fatty acids.

The three supplements that are combined are as follows: NeuroVite Plus, Omega 3 Power and Brain & Memory Power Boost.

As a blend of multivitamins and antioxidants, NeuroVite Plus packs a large quantity of digestive nutrients, enzymes and minerals.

Fatty acids that help support the heart and cognitive functions are provided by Omega 3 Power in a substantial amount of 1600 mg.

Powerful antioxidants that maintain Huperzine A and cell membranes through the use of substances such as phosphatidylserine and N-Acetyl-Cysteine are within the last supplement Brain & Memory Power Boost.

There should be no side effects incurred by this product as every ingredient is a natural and organic substance.


For a ten day supply, the company believe $94.95 is a fair price when you are receiving the equivalent of three different supplements in one. However, it is by nowhere means cheap and there are alternatives that work just as well.


Realistically, this product looks and seems quite fancy. The price may make you believe if it is that expensive then it is probably worth it, but honestly – the top leading brand only charge $19.95 per bottle which supply you for a whole month and are much more effective!f

You could choose between the two or even buy both for less than half the price of one packet of Brain Power Basics . . . Brain Gain or Optimal Omega are the number one choice supplement on the market today.