What to say before sex

by Joseph Printer
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It’s a common myth among weaker guys that women don’t like dirty talk. For example, if you meet a girl and you take it easy around her, being nice and polite, you probably think you’re doing the right thing. After all, she’s a girl and she wants to be respected, right?

To a degree. Because the fact is that women do like some sexy verbal communication. Even if you still don’t know them all that well. Whereas men feel emotionally connected during sex, women require that emotional connection to want sex in the first place.

As Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First says, “Words can be a powerful aphrodisiac and aren’t used enough.” And he’s right (obviously to a point. There are certainly words you should NEVER use!). Women love words, and they love to hear you talk dirty to them before sex. They even love you to talk dirty to them a few hours before sex – such as during a romantic dinner.

You see, your sexual partner needs that verbal communication to ramp up her desire. You’ve gotta make her aroused and you can do this via words. And no, we’re not telling you to quote poetry to her. Let’s take a look at what to say before sex.

Make Her Feel Good About Herself

It’s easy to make a woman feel good about herself. Women just love to make themselves look attractive for you, and so they want to hear that their efforts have not been in vain. If they’ve made a special effort to make their hair look amazing, tell them it looks amazing. If they’re wearing new lipstick for you, tell them it makes you want them. Don’t be afraid to compliment your girl.

Tell Her You Love The Way She Kisses

Women love to kiss. Sometimes men don’t enjoy it as much, but it’s important that your girl thinks that you do. While guys generally prefer to get to the action – sex – women require that emotional intimacy, and they love nothing more than a good kiss. To be told that you love how passionately they kiss is something they like to hear. But if you are going to tell them you like the way they kiss, tell them what it is you enjoy most.

Be Upfront

Sure, there are things you shouldn’t be saying on a first date – such as “I want to be inside you” – but women love this kind of talk once you’ve become bed buddies. It tells them you’re fantasising about them and that you’re enjoying the sensations you’re going to be feeling. The heat and the moisture. The good stuff. Being upfront about your desires is excellent for foreplay and really gets girls in the mood.

Let Her Know She’s Important

 Before sex, it’s pretty much fundamental that you let your girl know that you enjoy her company and that life without her wouldn’t be the same. Girls enjoy this kind of intimacy and it makes them feel goof about themselves and their relationship with you. Women want to be told they’re important, and when they feel important, they want to show their importance to you – by having sex.

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