Are You Using Banned Male Enhancement Pills?

Are You Using Banned Male Enhancement Pills?

Keep an eye out for these illegal male enhancement pills

The male enhancement supplement market is one of the most competitive supplement markets. You can expect manufacturers to go to the extremes to make a product effective. But sometimes, things get a little bit more complicated when they mix banned substances into the pills that you take.

The FDA regularly checks supplement products for banned substances. For male enhancement supplements, the guidelines are straightforward – it should contain all-natural ingredients, and it should not contain ingredients that would require a prescription, or illegal drugs. Many male enhancement supplement manufacturers adhere to the guidelines without any problems. That’s why some supplement manufacturers spend thousands and millions of dollars in research and development, all in the name of delivering a product that can get you the results you want.

Unfortunately, male enhancement pills are also one of the most common supplements to contain illegal substances, next to workout pills. Some manufacturers sneakily include ingredients that belong to prescription drugs like Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. These are the active ingredients of popular erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. Mixing these ingredients on the formula of male enhancement pills would surely create a problem that no one is willing to be a part of.

For one, manufacturing companies are likely to omit the inclusion of these illegal supplement ingredients. These erectile dysfunction drugs require a prescription because not everyone is fit to consume these pills. A physician would first evaluate the need versus the risks of the product before actually releasing a prescription. Hence, anyone taking the product with the ingredients of erectile dysfunction drugs would not be aware of the potential side effects that could cause long-term or permanent damage to the body.

To spot male enhancement pills that contain illegal ingredients, do this 3-step check:

Do a quick Google search

The FDA usually issues a bulletin if a company is found to manufacture pills with illegal ingredients. Do not trust companies that have created products that contain ingredients even if they were indicted for a product other than male enhancement supplements. Chances are, they also tampered with the ingredients of their male enhancement products.

Check reviews

User reviews are reliable sources of information, especially if you are trying to track the side effects of the product that you’re planning to take. If something doesn’t seem right, move on to another product.

Check FDA’s wall of shame

The FDA publishes a wall of shame for male enhancement supplement companies that were caught mixing their products with illegal substances. Check the list at

It’s important to check a product out first before buying. The health risks associated with tainted male enhancement pills are not worth it. IF you really want to buy an erectile dysfunction drug, then by all means visit a physician and get a prescription for it. Otherwise, just use the best male enhancement products on the market today like Biomanix.

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