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22 Jun

So you’re new to a college course, and nobody really knows each other, and nobody cares. You just arrived, put your books down, sat down in a seat that will presumably be where you sit for the rest of the semester, and now you’re ready to learn.

But what’s this? … Read the full article

20 Jun

The thought of banging a girl at your office is something you could only dream of while watching a really silly porn movie, right? It seems completely unrealistic to believe that you can safely bring a girl to your office unnoticed, get completely naked, and go to town on her … Read the full article

17 Jun

Girlfriends and wives are not for everybody, especially if you’re a younger guy (or girl). Sometimes you just want to go out, get laid, and then come back to your bachelor pad and relax with no bullshit.

The thing that turns some guys away from having a hardcore girlfriend is … Read the full article

15 Jun

Did you know that upward of 17% of women never have orgasms? Not even when pleasuring themselves? This is a sad state of affairs!

Do you want to be that guy who just can’t give her girl an orgasm? Absolutely not. This is why you need to be educated on … Read the full article