What to Say to the Hot Girl in Class 

by Joseph Printer
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So you’re new to a college course, and nobody really knows each other, and nobody cares. You just arrived, put your books down, sat down in a seat that will presumably be where you sit for the rest of the semester, and now you’re ready to learn.

But what’s this? A hot girl sitting right in the same room as you just a few seats away!

But alas, you are too far away. Or are you….

If you’ve been that guy before, even if the girl was right next to you, you’ve been too scared to talk to her.

If you’re looking for ways to break the ice, talk to her, and possibly take her on a date to somewhere nice, here’s what you can say to her to get things moving:

#1 – This Class is Shit, Huh?

Showing disdain for a class is a surefire way to open conversation up between the two of you, and asking a question like this is surely going to be met with a response like “yeah, this class sucks. I hate it.”

Nobody likes class. If people liked school, they’d be somewhere else like Harvard. Everyone else lands in other colleges to get a degree and finally get a job.

Now that you have something in common, and now that you know she is also on board with hating things that you hate, you can continue this trend.

But don’t overdo it. Hating too many things can become stale.

#2 – Yo, What Did You Do for Last Week’s Homework? I Had No Idea What I Was Doing

For some reasons, a lot of girls in these classes aren’t too bright, and showing them that you’re just as dumb may open up more communication.

You don’t want to sound like a total moron, but if you let her know that the homework was stupid hard, she may respond with something like “I just did this. I didn’t really know, either. Haha.”

If you get a friendly response and laughter, you’re in the clear.

#3 – Which Way You Going? Wanna Go Eat or Something?

When the class is over and everyone is leaving, go right alongside her. If you’re comfortable enough around her and familiar enough, you can ask this. Otherwise, wait a little longer until you’re more like friends.

On campus, there’s always a lunch area. Depending on her answer, you can take her there easily.

You can always tell what she’s thinking of you based on this. If she goes, she likes you. If you declines, you’re busted.

Hope this helps!

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