5 Tips for Picking Up the Hottest Girls Ever 

by Joseph Printer
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Picking up ugly girls is pretty easy. All you need to do is be fairly good-looking, not be weird, and just be pretty nice in general. You pretty much throw some compliments their way, lay low, and be a regular guy.

But with the hottest chicks out there, you need to have your A game in place to have even a starting chance. These girls get attention all day long from guys who probably look twice as good as you do.

But it still is possible to pick up girls in the super-hot range. Here are 5 tips to help your chances of picking up the best girls out there:

#1 – Show Yourself in the Smoking Area at Clubs or Bars

Whenever you go to a club or bar, the coolest and most social people are always out in the smoking area, and that’s especially true for women.

Sure, you’ll find plenty of hot girls in the actually bar area, but how are you going to talk to them with loud music blasting and people all over the place?

At least in the smoking area, there are less people and it’s quieter to talk.

This is where you’ll have a good chance of grabbing a hot girl for the night.

#2 – Be a Gentleman

Contrary to popular belief, being a dick doesn’t really get you anywhere except an empty date. You need to be a nice and true gentleman to see any progress in your hot girl game.

You can try offering them a drink if you’re bold enough, or invite them to your table that you have, or just dance with them. But above all, be nice about it. Getting rejected isn’t that big of a deal. There are plenty more girls to choose from.

#3 – Charm Her Friends, and You’re in

While it may seem backwards to spend more time with a girl’s friends instead of the actual girl, it’ll actually help your chances of getting the girl you’re after.

If she sees that you’re a really awesome guy who can talk to her friends and be social, you’ll be in her pants before you know it.

But if you want a girlfriend that’s hot, this is also a good way to get there.

#4 – Make Eye Contact a Lot

Looking at her shoes because your nervous is an easy way to get rejected fast. Be confident, and look her right in the eyes when you’re talking to her. You may even get a quick kiss!

#5 – Don’t Use Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Being really corny is not how you get girls. They love random, quirky things, but not something they’ve heard a million times.

Be original, and don’t try too hard. The rest will fall into place. Trust me.

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