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14 Aug

Guys who have been married for 5, 10, 15, or 20 years know that being married to the same person for that many years has its hard parts. You need to get over the growing pains of being married, there are unseen obstacles that you may have to jump over … Read the full article

10 Jul

Guys are very simple creatures. We eat, we sleep, we go to the bathroom, watch sports, and then we think about women the rest of the time. With virtually nothing else to entertain us, it’s the best we got.

But if you’re a lady, you’re probably wondering why guys think … Read the full article

08 Jul

Feeling lonely can be worse than death if you’re the kind of guy who hasn’t seen any attention in his life. Even if you used to get attention but now you’re in a rough spot, it can feel just as bad.

Sitting in your house doing nothing every day gets … Read the full article

07 Jul

If your girlfriend was once really fun and exciting to be around but is now suddenly kind of boring, this is perfect for you. But if your girlfriend was always pretty boring to do things with, this will also help you out in big ways.

Having a boring girlfriend is … Read the full article

06 Jul

Losing your boner right in the middle of sex happens to some guys. A lot of the time, they’re completely baffled as to why it happens. It rarely happens when you’re a healthy man, and the only time most guys see this happen is when they’ve just been drinking heavily. … Read the full article