8 Ways to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss Without the Surgery

by Joseph Printer
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8 Ways To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss Without The Surgery 2

Finally, you’ve hit the target. The weighing scale just showed the exact weight you’ve been aiming for the past months or years. Goal achieved. But wait, there’s one thing that you need to check with your body. After the weight loss, is your skin tight, or are there some parts that are loose and sagging? If, yes. You’re not alone.

This is one of the most common problems dieters face after they lose weight. And sadly, there’s no magic creams or simple exercises that can eliminate your loose skin. Some say liposuction is the answer. But it could not be the best answer. Aside from the burden of the cost, your body may not be prepared for it. There are other good options you can try though. But before we proceed, let’s take a look first why your skin gets loose after weight loss.

Reasons why you have loose skin after weight loss:

  • You lose weight fast

This is the reason why crash dieters often have loose skin. Your skin is elastic. When you lose weight rapidly, your skin doesn’t have time to gradually contract. And this results in loose skin.

  • You lose weight through surgery

There are people who want to shed extra pounds fast. They resort to surgery without looking ahead of its consequences. They may lose the fats, but it will leave a void that makes the skin loose.

  • Age and skin quality

We may like it or not but as we age, our skin will naturally lose its elasticity. The quality of your skin is affected by many factors, like lifestyle and habits.

  • Weight gain

When you gain weight, your skin will naturally stretch. And when you lose fats, the skin tends to become loose.

Before you conclude you have loose skin after weight loss, you have to make sure if it’s really loose skin that are causing the bulges in different parts of your body. At times, they’re still fats that haven’t fully lost. To check whether its fats or skin, grab your skin. It’s fats when you can pinch a few millimeters of skin.

So, what do we do to avoid loose skin? Whether you have started losing weight or are yet to begin, the following tips can help you avoid loose skin after weight loss.

8 Ways to Eliminate Loose Skin After Weight Loss

running on treadmill for weight loss

1. Lose weight more slowly

This gives your skin more time to contract gradually. Avoid crash diets. Don’t believe when some ads tell you their product can help you to lose weight in 7 or how many days. It’s your body. You must take care of it. Plan a healthy diet while on your weight loss journey. Combine a healthy diet with exercise. Choose the exercises that also help you build muscles.

2. Avoid smoking

Smoking is totally bad for your health. It’s not only a risk factor for serious diseases but it can also damage your skin and causes it to lose elasticity. Studies show that women who smoked looked 9 years older than their chronological age. This was based on how their skin looks, the lines, vascular and pigmentation, elasticity, brightness, and texture.

3. Limit alcohol intake

Alcohol contains toxins that are harmful to body tissues. This can result in dehydration of the tissues and the skin. Dry skin can lead to premature aging. Alcohol consumption can also impair the quality of your sleep, which can affect cellular turnover. This is the reason why heavy drinkers have unhealthy and dry complexion.

4. Eat healthy foods

Go for fruits, vegetables, and foods low in saturated fats and sugars. It’s a common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are the key components to your overall health. According to research, people who included fruits and veggies in their diet were more likely to live longer lives and were less likely to suffer from age related diseases compared to those who don’t. Moreover, they had a more youthful skin appearance.

5. Muscle building

This is the most effective strategy for getting rid of loose skin if you’re already having them. The loss of fats creates a void between the skin and muscles. Building and strengthening your muscles is the only way to fill that gap. Resistance training is one of the best exercises to build muscles. A strong muscle makes your skin looks taut and tight.

6. Eat protein rich foods

Aside from helping you build muscles, proteins can also promote skin health. Eating enough proteins make your skin moist, elastic, and free of wrinkles. found to make the skin.

7. Take food supplements

taking food supplementsThe market is saturated with products that claim to give you more youthful looking skin but are actually just waste of money. When taking supplements, choose the ones that have gelatin and fish oil in them. They may not be the best substitutes for diet and exercise but, at least, they can help you maintain the glow of your skin.

Gelatin comes from collagen, a protein that supports healthy skin. Because most gelatins are found in sweets and desserts, they’re not the recommended source of your protein. Thankfully, gelatin in supplement form is already available and is the healthier option. Fish oil also contains substances that help with your skin’s elasticity. And it’s also available in supplement form.

8. Get really lean

To make sure you’re losing fat, make sure to achieve a lean body. This way, you wouldn’t be wondering whether those loose skin is actually skin and not fat.

Other people say cocoa rubs can help tighten loose skin. However, studies hadn’t proven this to be true. Doctors say no topical products are effective in treating excess skin.

If you’re still young and have a healthy weight, make sure to lead a healthy lifestyle to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Try to prevent foods that can add to your weight. If you have excess weight and are planning to lose weight, do it gradually in a combination of a healthy diet. And if your problem is loose skin, building muscles is your only best option.

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