The Lazy Man’s Way to Losing Weight Fast 

by Joseph Printer
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If you’re a busy and/or lazy guy, the last thing you have the time and patience for is losing weight the old fashioned way. I’m talking the dieting, the workout out, and all of that stuff.

Yeah, it’s healthy, but when you’re a busy and lazy man, anything that takes away from your TV watching is a no go! Am I right?

This is why we’re putting together a guide to losing weight for the lazy and busy man. Even the busiest and laziest sack of garbage can lost weight with these tips, and you won’t need to run or eat carrots every day.

The best part? You WILL see serious weight lost with these tips. And you won’t need to give up the burgers and fries, either (although, you might want to skip the super-sized meal at McDonald’s).

So, without further ado, here is the lazy man’s guide to losing weight fast and keeping it off:

Being a Fidgeting Monster This involves tapping your feet, shaking your legs up and down, tapping your fingers, moving non-stop in your chair, and anything that involves almost involuntary movement.

For a lot of people, these motions will become almost secondary, like you won’t even notice them after a while.

For instance, studies have shown that people who are restless and shake about all day lost an estimated 300 calories or more compared to just sitting and doing nothing.

You won’t even get tired by doing these things. You can do this all day and not even break a sweat.

After a few months of this, you’ll lose perhaps a pound per week!

Do HIIT Exercises Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “hey, I thought you said no exercise?”

Well, I lied. But HIIT isn’t like normal exercising. It’ll only require roughly 15 minutes of your time for about 3 times per week, or as desired.

This type of training is super effective because of how intense it is.

Here’s an easy one:

– sprint like you’re being chased by a murderer for 1 whole minute
– after 1 minute, reduce your speed to a normal jog for 1 minutes
– after resting for 1 minute, go back to sprinting like a nutcase for 1 whole minute
– repeat for 15 minutes

Really, you’re doing 7.5 minutes of sprinting about. That’s not so bad, and you’ll lose a ton of calories over just walking around for an hour.

Fight the Cravings Eating chocolate and ice cream ain’t helping you. Simply cutting out junk food will help you lose weight so much faster.

Did you know that all those calories and sugar are your worst enemy? They’re probably the main reasons why you’re gaining so much weight in the first place!

Reducing the intake of crap will help you lose even more weight.

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