The Rules of Clean Bulking–How to Pile On Muscle Without Getting Fat

by Joseph Printer
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The Rules of Clean Bulking–How to Pile On Muscle Without Getting Fat
Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to put on muscle our diet is going to by far the way outweigh our exercise program. No matter how hard you train if you’re not eating right is simply not going to have the body composition that you want, and in most cases that means more body fat.
While you do one to be taking in more calories per day than you normally do if you’re looking to bulk up, you still need to be eating the right types of foods and in turn right kinds of calories to make sure your new gains are primarily muscle and you’re not just putting on more fat.

The Top Foods to Eat When You Want to Bulk Up


The Rules of Clean Bulking–How to Pile On Muscle Without Getting FatOr you go on any type of meal plan or diet, you should make sure that your digestive health is in check as it’s going to greatly affect these results. This is because the bacteria that are found in our digestive tract are responsible for the breakdown and synthesis of pretty much all the nutrients we need to get from our diet.
Not having the proper distribution of bacteria in our guts causes things like indigestion, bloating and gas which is not only uncomfortable, but a sign that our digestive tract isn’t in sync like it should be.

Consuming foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and other fermented foods which contain these beneficial bacteria can help improve our digestive health and Foss helpless bulk up in a more efficient and effective manner.

2-Low Fat Chocolate Milk

Milk is not only one of the most nutritionally balanced foods out there which we can consume, is one that is extremely convenient makes it easy to include in our diet on a regular basis.

Milk provides us with a protein we need to start repairing and regrowing the muscle tissue we damaged through exercise. It contains plenty of whey protein which the body can almost immediately digest and synthesize, and also plenty of casein which can be slowly digested and used over a longer period of time.

In addition to that milk contains plenty of calcium, potassium and other electrolytes we need to replenish after a hard workout. The chocolate within milk provides plenty of Anti-oxidant sys well which is going to help neutralize some of the free radicals that come as a result of the breakdown of tissue through exercise.

3-Fatty Fish/Nuts/Seeds

The Rules of Clean Bulking–How to Pile On Muscle Without Getting FatHealthy fats tend to get left behind in many cases when we’re trying to bulk while limiting our fat accumulation. This is because fats contain the most calories by gram of weight and thus are the first foods we look to eliminate here.

The problem with this is that the body needs certain types of fats especially monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are essential to your gains.
This is because these types of fats play an important role in the health and maintenance of our nervous system, which in turn is what controls on our skeletal muscle contractions. If the health of our nervous system is poor, than our recovery time from exercise is going to be extended.

Eating foods which are rich in these types of fats are going to help keep our nervous system healthy and decreased a recovery time needed in between exercise.

4-Drink Plenty of Water

You should be keeping hydrated anyway if you’re exercising regularly as doing so comes along plenty of other benefits besides optimizing your muscle gain. As far as putting on muscle mass is concern no hydration is important because of one major factor, that being protein synthesis.

Protein synthesis occurs within the cells of our body no matter what type of tissue it is, to and is highly dependent on the cell being fully hydrated. If this is not the case than the rate of protein synthesis decreases which in turn means that we will not see gains were expecting as a result of our exercise.

To combat this you should be drinking plenty of water not only during exercise but before and after as well. You shouldn’t be waiting till you feel thirsty to grab a drink of water as this is a sign that it is too late and you are already dehydrated.

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