Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of ProLean Cleanse

by Joseph Printer
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Introducing ProLean Cleanse

This product is a dietary supplement that’s said to be effective in bringing better digestion, which eliminates toxins and results to your detoxification. Since your body becomes more efficient in assimilating nutrients from the foods consumed, this supplement also asserts to give you energy and metabolism boost, increasing your chance to obtain weight loss.

This is achieved by following the suggested dose, which is:

preview-full-aid-digestionConsume one capsule of the supplement prior your first meal.

Consume another one prior dinner.

For sure you’ve heard other claims made by numerous companies about how their products are the answer to your weight problems. Read on if you want to know whether ProLean Cleanse really works or not.

The Efficiency of the Components

The product’s formula has components enumerated below:

Psyllium seed husk

Aloe vera

Senna leaf

White oak bark

Gentian root

Slippery elm bark

Goldenseal root

On the other hand, WebMD mentions that the clinical proof indicating that psyllium, aloe vera, senna leaf, white oak bark, gentian root, slippery elm bark, or goldenseal can generate purifying gains is lacking. The only thing that several of these components may be able to be of help is to aid in the alleviation of constipation.

Is Cleansing Important?

We’ve stated in our other reviews for detox products that while being regular is better than being not, except if you haven’t had a bowel movement in over three days, there aren’t a lot of situations where laxatives or cleansing products such as ProLean Cleanse is required. In actuality, the body itself has an efficient mechanism in naturally purifying its digestive tract. Thus, it appears products for cleansing the colon is not that important to begin with.

On the other hand, the official site of the product gives the impression that colon parasites can cause accumulation of mucus that decreases the body’s capacity to take in nutrients unless there’s consistent cleansing of colon. Is there any veracity to this claim?

No, there isn’t. The reason for this is that “ The concept that this mucus layer might form a ‘mucoid plaque’ has been dismissed by physicians as having no anatomical or physiological basis.”

Product’s Advertising Strategies

Just like many other manufacturers, the company behind ProLean Cleanse turns to unimpressive advertising gimmicks to lure customers into buying their product. This is done since there isn’t sufficient scientific proof that the ingredients in the supplement can provide any weight loss or any other health gains.

When you visit the product’s page, your eyes will be automatically fall their gaze on the picture of a sexually appealing model, fueling your desire to look like that. You will then see the company’s promise of change, saying ProLean Cleanse can aid in the flushing out of your extra pounds and in the detoxification of the body. You will then be fed with the information that there are only 250 trials to be provided each day, which is not the case, and that the manufacturer cannot ensure its supply because of the high surge of demands, which is, again, not the case.

This makes you feel like you’re missing out on the ultimate weight loss solution and thus, makes you decide to ‘try’ to get one. You’ll then be comforted when you’re informed that you can still get one bottle and since you’ve made up your mind in trying it, you’re giving them your credit card data without thinking it through.

Bear in mind that the model on the ProLean Cleanse home page greatly resembles the model used on the Total Cleanse Plus site. Based on our research, there’s no relation between these two manufacturers. The point is, that image of an attractive model luring you to try clinically untested supplements is just a stock photo. Her body does not necessarily translate what ProLean Cleanse can achieve.

Customer Feedbacks/Testimonials

preview-full-PhenQ-Review-e1438968437176Since this supplement is offered via third-party affiliates who earn money from sales they refer, fake review sites exist. These reviews will be made to look like legitimate ones, but they’re just part of the whole marketing ploy.

Apart from these, we didn’t find any genuine consumer feedbacks for the supplement as of this writing.

Moreover, the detox products we’ve evaluated before only earned two stars or lower. The typical criticisms are inefficiency, the troubles customers go through to discontinue free trials and autoship programs and the bad customer service.

Product Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

The supplement is offered through a 14-day trial. This will cost you only $4.95 for a complete 30-day supply of ProLean Cleanse. But as soon as the trial finishes, you need to pay the full amount which is $129.93. You will then be registered in the company’s autoship plan. This means your supply will be replenished every 30 days and your credit card will also be charged $129.93 for every refilling.

We believe that free trials are more about taking the customers’ credit card information and autoship plans are not for expedience but as means of making sure you’re paying them every month for their supplements. Given this, it is our professional advice to steer clear of such companies.

Furthermore, after the 14-day trial expires, there’ll be no refund. So, if you want to discontinue your free trial or autoship registration, you have to call the customer service at 855-805-1326.

Bottom Line: Is ProLean Cleanse Effective in Making You Shed Pounds?

For one, ProLean Cleanse’s components did not undergo clinical studies proving their efficiency in delivery any weight loss potential. The only benefit one can enjoy from such components is giving you a regular bowel movement, and this doesn’t necessarily mean weight loss. Plus, the supplement’s manufacturer engages in trial-only buying options. Its steep cost is also an issue considering its lack of scientific evidence that it works in any way to help you shed pounds, as well as the absence of online reviews.


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