What to Say to People About Your Weight Loss 

by Joseph Printer
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When you’re losing weight, you’ll almost certainly get questions about how you did it and what you did to lose it. More often than not, people seem to think there’s a secret trick to losing weight, so they’ll want to know every last detail about your weight loss routine.

It’s easy to just say it’s a combination of old fashioned working out and eating right, but this will likely invite more questions. If you’re looking to just answer everything all at once and move on with your life, here’s what you can say to people about your change in body type:

#1 – Please Don’t Ask Me About it. It’s Personal.

If you’ve been a big and heavy person your whole life, you’ve probably grown to acquire a sort of reserved personality. It comes with the territory, but it’s something that a lot of people have had to deal with.

But once you lose a lot of weight, this personality shift doesn’t happen overnight, and you still feel pretty uptight about answering questions about your body.

While people will prod and pry, it’s perfectly okay to let them know that you’re uncomfortable with talking about your body in front of people. They should take the hint and move on.

#2 – Mention the Foods You Ate in Detail

A lot of people are far too lazy to go to the gym every day to lose the weight that they want to lose, so they’ll inevitably look for shortcuts in the eating department.

But did you know that 50% of the weight loss part is attributed to the foods you eat? So these people aren’t exactly incorrect in asking you.

But you should always let them know what’s good to eat and what to stay away from, as well as what your meals consist of. It’ll allow other people to gather the same ingredients and copy your meals, leading to a healthier society. Nothing wrong with helping others be healthy, too!

#3 – Bring Them to the Gym

Some people will suggest that you bring them to the gym to help them be healthy, as well. If you’re up to it, and if they’re close enough, you should try to help them out by showing them your weight loss routines.

While you don’t have to be married to the idea, if you go to the gym for a few weeks with them until they learn the ropes, you can let them go on their own. But if working out with someone is fun enough, keep going with that person!

Working out alone can get boring anyway.

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