A Review of Zantrex Black: Is it Safe & Effective?

by Joseph Printer
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Zantrex Black Introduction

In contrast to the Red and Blue supplements, Zantrex Black touts to be a fresh formulation that delivers fast and highly potent weight loss outcome. This particular supplement is also said to be developed for optimal strength and utmost force.

The summer seasons make you want go out there with a lean and toned physique. Wanting to look at your best is just natural and this cannot be held against you. That is why there are so many nutritional supplements out there to support people’s weight management plans. As whether Zantrex Black is effective or not, read on to know more about the product.

Getting to Know Zantrex Black

Basically, this weight loss product is a trademarked formulation of components that are being marketed as potent in facilitating shedding of pounds. Aside from losing weight, these ingredients are also said to be capable of heightening your energy and reducing your desire for food. But not like other Zantrex formulations, the new Black version is touted to have what it takes to be quickly released into the body, so that the positive results can be felt immediately.

The exclusive components of Zantrex Black are as follows:

Measuring-640x425Protein 0.5g
Niacin 30mg
Zantrex-3 Proprietary Blend 1,160mg
Yerba Mate (leaf) Extract, Guarana (seed) Extract, Trimethylxanthine, Damiana (Turnera diffusa var. aphrodisiaca) (leaf) Extract, Green Tea (leaf) Extract, Kola (seed) Extract, Schizonepeta (flower) Extract, Black Pepper (fruit) Extract, Rhodiola crenulata (root) Extract, Asian Ginseng (root) Extract, Maca (root) Extract, Cacao (seed) Extract, Black Tea (leaf) Extract

The Zantrex Black’s official site says recommended use of the supplement is to take two softgels 15 minutes before every meal with a glass of water. You can also choose to consume 1-2 more softgels each time over the course of the day in order to feel a notable energy surge. However, the manufacturer suggests that you should not take more than 6 softgels within 24 hours.

Remember that as indicated on the product site, it is also mentioned that it is not advisable to consume over four capsules daily. This could be a typographical error, but for your own sake you might want to clarify this with the company before proceeding with taking the supplement.

Zantrex Black Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

Every bottle of this weight loss supplement has 84 softgels and costs $39.99 with an additional of $6.95 for S&H.

The company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, less S&H. To ask for a refund, call customer support at 800-898-5153.

Also, it is important to note that this weight loss supplement is also offered by multiple third party resellers with the well-known stores being GNC, Amazon.com, CVS and others.

Final Recommendation

As with other weight loss products, it’s not realistic to expect miraculous outcome. If you kind of do because the marketing hype is effective, you’re bound to only feel disappointment in the end. As for Zantrex Black, it is unclear whether the supplement may be actually efficient in promoting weight loss. You might want to consider the following factors first:

Product Cost

A bottle has 84 capsules and this is priced at $39.99. Hence, this supply can last up to 14 days prior to being required to replenish your supply. From the looks of it, it appears to be less costly compared to other weight loss products we have evaluated. Nevertheless, the total cost every month is still around $80 imagining the scenario that you consume two capsules before every meal, which means you consume a total of six daily.

The Components and Their Efficacy

Healthy-mens-weight-loss-diet-plan-that-really-work - CopyEssentially, there’s limited clinical proof that the components in the product are potent enough to get rid of fat and induce weight loss. Whatever proof there is appears to be uncertain and questionable. For this reason alone, you shouldn’t expect much from Zantrex Black to just make you lose weight.

On the other hand, the presence of high levels of stimulants in Zantrex Black can potentially control your appetite and decrease your consumption of calories, which leads to shedding of pounds, possibly.

What Users Have to Say?

Online, the supplement garners mixed reception from customers. Some of the most usual positive feedbacks are boosted energy and decreased food cravings. Criticisms, on the other hand, mostly were about its adverse reactions due to high content of stimulants. This includes stomach upset, headache, dizziness and skin redness.

Adverse Reactions

Given the great level of stimulants in the supplement, Zantrex Black is not suitable for you if you’re highly sensitive to such components. Generally, it is not ideal to take the product so close to your bed time as you may find yourself tossing and turning for a long duration, sacrificing your good quality of sleep.

Aligning Expectations into Reality

As we have discussed before and as you know as well, proper nutrition and regular workout are the only safe and effective methods to lose weight. Weight loss products such as Zantrex Black may help you maximize your efforts, through controlling of your cravings or giving you intense energy boost for your exercises, such supplements are only designed to improve the advantages of healthy dieting and regular exercising. Hence, weight loss supplements may boost the benefits of proper nutrition and regular workouts, but they cannot replace these two as the ultimate weight loss methods that are natural, safe and effectual. Plus, after you’ve lost weight, you still need to eat healthy and work out regularly to maintain your healthy weight.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a supplement that can help you further support your weight loss management plan that includes proper diet and exercise, then Zantrex Black can probably help. It can boost your weight loss efforts, but it is worth repeating that it cannot replace dieting and exercising. But if you’re a budget-conscious customer or have high sensitivity to stimulants, Zantrex Black may not be ideal.

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