How to Please Your Girl with 3 Easy Steps 

How to Please Your Girl with 3 Easy Steps

Pleasing your girl is probably one of those things that keeps you up at night. You keep racking your brain to find ways to make it happen, but you just can’t get the job done.

The reality of this situation is that more girls than you would think have trouble actually reaching orgasm with conventional sexual methods. And it’s worth noting that less than 30% of women achieve orgasm through intercourse alone.

These are huge numbers of women who aren’t being satisfied, and have no idea what it means to be fully content with their sexual partner’s behaviors.

So if you’re one of those guys who simply can’t get his girl off, here are 3 easy steps that should help you out:

#1 – Always Start with Foreplay and Tongue Play

If she is not all warmed up before you start, you’re already stumbling out of the gate. Women need to be warmed up before they get the juices flowing, and if you just go to town without doing this, you’ll end up hurting her and reducing the amount of pleasure she feels from whatever you’re trying to do to her.

It’s very important to go with foreplay first to warm her up, and then get with the tongue play.

It’s no secret that girls absolutely go bonkers when guys go down on them. They might even love it more than intercourse itself.

So do this, and you’re in.

#2 – Use Lube and a Male Enhancement Product

Do you think these products are just there to look cool? Of course not! They actually work!

Well, lube is just so you can add more lubrication to the activities. Having a dry spell is no fun for anyone, and when everything is a well-oiled machine, it feels better for both people.

Lube is really cheap, too. So there’s no reason not to get this.

And a male enhancement product like FCK Power increases your sex-drive, sexual energy, and libido, giving you the power to pound away for hours.

#3 – Go as Deep as Possible

The G-spot is way in the back of the vaginal canal, and you’re only going to hit it if you’re going really deep and then upward.

If you’re not thrusting in as far as possible, you’re not going to be even close to it. You’ll be able to tell when you hit it, because she’ll be moaning like an animal in heat!