What You’re Doing Wrong in bed that You Need to Fix 

by Joseph Printer
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When you have sex often enough, you probably think you’re doing everything right. But for most guys, they’re in denial most of the time. When you’re in the zone and having sex, it can be easy to ignore the girl and only think about how good it feels for yourself. We’ve all been there, especially for one-night stands.

But being bad in bed is a good way to lose all connections with girls you’ve slept with. Being bad at sex is essentially a one-way ticket to no-sex-ville.

This is why you need to fix your wrong behavior and start being good at sex. When you see what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix it, you’ll even have better sex for yourself, and not just for her at the same time. So even if you’re selfish, this will be good for you!

Stop Fingering Her With Long Nails

She may not complain too much or at all, but if you have any type of long nails going on, you shouldn’t be fingering her. First of all, those things are really sharp, and when you’re really going hard, it’s easy to scratch the inside of her vagina.

This obviously really hurts, and they’ll usually let you know to stop cutting her insides up.

If you’re going to do this, use only the flesh part of your finger, and do it for a few minutes at most.

Not Sucking the Clit with Oral? Wrong!

When you’re going down on her, she likes to be licked for sure. But if you’re ignoring her clit and not sucking on it occasionally, you’re basically missing out on 50% of the action.

For one, this drives girls crazy, and they’ll love it. Second, it’ll allow you to finish faster and move on to the sexual intercourse part of the encounter, which is the best part for you.

Get this down, and you’ll be in high demand with your lady friends for sure.

Don’t Force Her to Blow You

Girls hate a guy that forces them to give them a blowjob. Not only does this show them that you don’t care about their feelings, but it also shows them that you only care about yourself.

You can obviously suggest it, but let her do all of the moves. Both of you will be happier in the end, as you’ll almost definitely get a better blowjob out of the deal.

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