4 Reasons Why Men Experience Condom-Associated Erection Problems

by Joseph Printer
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If you’ve ever lost your erection while putting on a condom, then you have experienced what experts call a condom-associated erection problem. It’s quite common, especially among young men.

The problem is that if you always lose your erection whenever you use a condom, you may get demotivated about practicing safe sex. And you may lose your protection from sexually transmitted infections.

Here are 4 common factors why condom usage causes men to lose their erection.

  1. Condom Application

Not everyone instinctively knows how to wear condoms. It’s actually a learned skill, and it’s not something that’s always taught in formal education. Even if you were taught the theory, properly applying a condom requires practice. And if it’s your first time wearing one, then it’s understandable that you may become nervous while you’re doing it.

For many men, however, the main reason why they lose their erection is due to the time it takes to put on a condom. And if you have to scramble around for your wallet or pants to look for your condom, then that’s another factor.

Having to put on a condom can also distract you from the more important task at hand, which is to have a successful sexual intercourse. And if you’re distracted, then your sexual arousal may wane and your penis may start going soft.

4 Reasons Why Men Experience Condom-Associated Erection ProblemsNevertheless, these are not enough reasons to dissuade you from wearing protection during sex. You can always practice and reduce the time it takes for you to wear a condom. Even if it takes you a minute or two to get it done properly, that’s still time wisely spent. You’re basically investing your time so that you can protect yourself and your partner from STDs.

  1. Product Selection

There are perhaps thousands of condom brands, flavors, and types. Choosing the right product can be overwhelming and confusing. Before you go and buy one, you need to make sure that it’s the right size and feel.

Regular and snug fit condoms are usually around 7 inches long and 1.9-2.10 inches in width. Large-sized condoms are usually around 8 inches in length and more than 2 inches in width.

Although buying a large-sized condom can make you look cool, it’s actually extremely uncool when the condom slips off while you’re having sex simply because the condom is too big for your penis. On the other hand, when the condom is too small for you, it can make sex quite uncomfortable.

When you’re wearing a condom that’s either too big or too small for your penis, chances of breaking or slippage are higher. And the consequences of either are quite life-changing. Your partner may get pregnant or you may acquire a sexually transmitted infection.

A lot of men lose their erection during sex because they’re distracted by the fit and feel of the condom they’re wearing. And if you or your partner doesn’t like the smell of your condom, then that can be an added distraction, too. It can even make you lose your erection, or your partner may even want to stop having sex just because of the strange smell.

You may have also experienced irritation on your penis when you tried out a new condom brand or type. Penis irritation is another factor that can make your erection disappear while you’re wearing a condom. Different condom brands use different lubricants, and some even contain spermicides. These chemicals can cause penis irritation.

  1. Reduced Penile Sensations

The reduction in penile sensations is one of the most common reasons why men lose their hardness when wearing a contraceptive. If your penis doesn’t feel stimulated enough, it may take you longer before you reach an orgasm or your arousal may wane.

Many try to make up for the reduced sensations by thrusting more vigorously to get more stimulation. However, this doesn’t always lead to increased penile sensations, and in the end, you can still lose your erection.

Others take off the condom and ask their partner to manually or orally stimulate them so they can become hard again. However, this method may not be convenient for the partner, especially if the partner doesn’t like the taste or the smell the condom leaves on the penis.

If you often feel decreased penile sensations whenever you’re wearing protection, you may want to consider trying a different brand or using an ultra-thin or a ribbed condom. Although these condoms can’t fully replicate the sensations you feel when you’re not wearing protection, they may still be able to help increase your penile sensations.

  1. Condom Worries

When your partner doesn’t like the feel of your condom or when the condom makes your partner’s vagina dry, you can end up becoming too worried about it. Your partner may also feel discomfort or pain when you’re wearing a condom.

4 Reasons Why Men Experience Condom-Associated Erection ProblemsCondom worries like these can also make your erection disappear, especially if your partner wants to stop having sex due to the discomfort caused by the condom. Worries about the condom breaking or slipping can also be too distracting and can even cause anxiety.

Having previously lost their erection while wearing a condom is actually one of the most common condom worries. A lot of men worry that they’ll experience it again if they wear a condom. So when they’re already wearing one, they get too anxious about it and eventually end up losing their hardness.

Maintaining Your Erection

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