4 Supplements That Dramatically Increase Penile Blood Flow

by Joseph Printer
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Poor penile blood flow is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Whether it’s because your blood vessels are hardened due to atherosclerosis or your blood vessels are damaged due to diabetes, when your blood vessels are no longer functioning properly, your erectile function will also be negatively affected.

Nutrition is crucial for preventing blood vessel damage. When you keep your cardiovascular system healthy, you can avoid developing erectile dysfunction in your advanced years.

Here are 4 supplements that are known for their positive effects on blood circulation.

  1. Iron

When we’re talking about blood circulation, we can’t leave iron out of the discussion. Iron is not just necessary for blood cell formation, it’s also crucial for proper oxygen transportation.

Iron makes it possible for oxygen to be delivered to all the parts in your body, including your penis. When a certain part of your body doesn’t receive enough oxygen because you’re low on iron, that can cause a lot of problems.

For instance, if your brain isn’t sufficiently supplied with oxygen-rich blood, it can lead to brain hypoxia. Certain parts of your brain will start dying, and you can even experience an ischemic stroke.

If you’re low on iron, red blood cell formation suffers. Erectile dysfunction happens because your penis isn’t getting sufficient oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. In short, blood and nutrient supply to the penis isn’t enough to maintain an erection.

  1. B Vitamins

Each of the eight kinds of B vitamins plays an important role in your health. You’ll need sufficient amounts of vitamin B6 or pyridoxine in order to maintain good blood circulation. Vitamin B6 is crucial for red blood cell production. It’s also needed for amino acid metabolism and neurotransmitter formation.

4 Supplements That Dramatically Increase Penile Blood FlowVitamin B9 or folate, on the one hand, is important for both red and white blood cell formation. It’s also necessary for amino acid metabolism, cell division, and cell growth. Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is another B vitamin that’s important for proper blood circulation. Cobalamin is also required for red blood cell development.

Vitamins B6 and B12 both help blood clots. These two B vitamins help get rid of excess homocysteine, which is an amino acid that is related to blood clotting problems. Vitamin B3 is also helpful for lowering your blood cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation.

When we’re talking about male sexual virility and fertility, folate is the most important among all the B vitamins. If you’re low on folate, it not only leads to poor blood flow but it can also contribute to infertility. Men who are infertile are typically low on nutrients like vitamin D, zinc, and folate.

Folate is also necessary for a healthy peripheral arterial blood flow. The peripheral arteries are important for your erection because they’re the ones that supply blood to your peripheral organs such as your legs and your pelvic region. Hence, if something goes wrong with your peripheral arteries, penile blood flow will also be affected.

  1. Vitamin E

If you want your blood vessels to stay healthy, you need to make sure you’re not deficient in Vitamin E. This fat-soluble vitamin can help improve your vascular endothelial function. Your endothelial cells are found in the inner lining of your blood vessels and they work by regulating the contraction and relaxation of your blood vessels.

When your endothelium is no longer functioning properly, it means that your blood vessels no longer contract or expand as needed. They lose their flexibility and they can become hardened if there’s plaque buildup such as when you have atherosclerosis. Vitamin E can help prevent that from happening.

Moreover, as a fat-soluble antioxidant, Vitamin E can help protect your cells against lipid peroxidation. When cholesterol is subjected to lipid peroxidation, it leads to atherosclerosis. In addition, Vitamin E also supports red blood cell formation by protecting your red blood cells against oxidative damage.

Another reason why you shouldn’t forget your Vitamin E supplement is that this vitamin is necessary for your fertility. Vitamin E is actually one of the most important seminal antioxidants, along with Vitamin C. Plus, you also need Vitamin E so that you can keep your testosterone levels normal.

Aside from being necessary for proper blood circulation, vitamin E is also important for maintaining normal testosterone levels. Men who have low testosterone levels are often deficient in vitamin E. In addition, vitamin E also provides antioxidant protection for your sperm cells, enabling your sperm cells to develop properly.

  1. L-Arginine

L-arginine has gained popularity in recent years, mainly due to its role in protein synthesis as well as for the fact that the body converts it to nitric oxide. As a protein-building amino acid, L-arginine is popularly used in athletic performance supplements.

As an amino acid that becomes converted into nitric oxide, L-arginine has become popular as a male sex enhancement supplement ingredient. Since nitric oxide is important for the dilation of penile arteries, L-arginine is promoted as a vasodilator that can greatly enhance blood inflow to the penis.

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

4 Supplements That Dramatically Increase Penile Blood FlowOne way to prevent erectile dysfunction is by taking a male sex enhancement supplement that contains L-arginine and several other herbal ingredients. It not only helps improve your erectile function, but it also increases your libido and boosts your testosterone levels.

It contains amazing herbal ingredients such as maca, horny goat weed, damiana, Tribulus terrestris, and Tongkat Ali. These are some of the most well-studied herbal remedies in terms of their positive effects on male sexual health and fertility. In fact, these herbs are recognized as alternative treatments for male sexual problems.

With its unique formula of natural ingredients, it can help enhance your sexual stamina and performance. What’s even better is that it can also help improve your fertility.

Tribulus terrestris, Tongkat Ali, and maca are all known to help improve sperm quality. Tongkat Ali has been proven to promote sperm production, and Tribulus terrestris is known to increase sperm motility. Maca has also long been used as a supplement for enhancing male and even female fertility.

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