How to Get Your Girlfriend to be More Exciting 

by Joseph Printer
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If your girlfriend was once really fun and exciting to be around but is now suddenly kind of boring, this is perfect for you. But if your girlfriend was always pretty boring to do things with, this will also help you out in big ways.

Having a boring girlfriend is the worst. All they want to do is sit around the house, do some boring activity that is over in an hour, or just watch a movie (which isn’t always bad, by the way).

You want to do some fun things, especially in the bedroom, and the outcome of a less than enthusiastic girlfriend is that things suffer in the bedroom. If she becomes more edgy, she’ll be more adventurous in sexual endeavors.

Here’s how to get your girlfriend to do exciting things, and even in the bedroom:

Introduce new Activities that She May Want to Do with Friends

It is not always bad if she brings her friends. For one, it allows you to bring your buddies too, allowing you to hang out with your boys and have a blast. Second, it allows her to see new activities with her friends, see how fun it is, and then revisit the same activity with you later on at a future date.

What’s not to love about that? Things to try could be anything, from the extreme to the less extreme, such as rock climbing, ice skating, swimming, skiing, or playing a sport that you guys may not have played before.

Ask Her to Explore More

This can be both sexually and physically. If she is a very reserved individual, it can be difficult to break through that barrier of adventure. It’s basically getting too comfortable to the point where you just don’t feel like doing anything new anymore, and this is  a problem with a lot of people.

People are more comfortable just sitting on the couch than finding new areas to explore or new moments to share, and it can lead to stale relationships and lives.

Asking her to explore her surroundings with you, both in your state and in the bedroom, can open her up to new ideas.

Bring it Full Circle

When she is finally ready to open up and find new things and places to explore, run with it and bring your work full circle.

This means you’ll finally be able to introduce your original extreme ideas to her now that she’s ready to me adventurous. What this means is that you’ll lose your boring girlfriend and get a brand new fun girlfriend!

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