Getting Your Girlfriend to Do Your Chores for You 

by Joseph Printer
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When guys have some chores to do, they’re usually the worst ones around the house. More often than not, the women simply do not want to climb on a roof and clean out gutters, and they definitely don’t want to fix a chimney or something. These are the kinds of jobs that dudes get stuck with, and while we may seem like we can do them well, we most likely have no idea what we’re doing.

On top of that, we definitely don’t want to do hard jobs anyway. But what if you could get your girlfriend to do them for you? Is it really possible to get her on a roof and doing the things we would rather not do?

It is possible, but it’ll require some hard work. Here’s how to make it possible:

Buy Her Awesome Gifts

If you buy her something awesome, she may feel more inclined to take care of some things for you, especially the hard work.

But you can’t just buy her lame things and expect her to go mow the lawn now. You have to get some really sweet gifts that she’ll never get over. Something like a necklace or ring could be great, and they’re usually not that expensive.

$100 could get you an entire afternoon off!

Take Her to Dinner

Taking her to dinner could be a good follow-up to buying her awesome gifts, and dinner is usually only $75 or so, and that’s for a more expensive place.

If you go to a cheaper place, it could probably only run you $50 or so, including tip.

This will definitely help when you bring up the idea of her pulling weeds or fixing the garage.

Get Her a Great Vacation Package

Everyone loves a good vacation, and nobody loves them more than a woman. Plus, this allows you to take a vacation, too. What’s not to love?

So while you’re enjoying the hot sand under your feet all on your dollar, you’re piling up the list for getting her to do annoying and hard jobs.

If you do all three of these things, she’ll be absolutely certain to do some major chores for you.

When to Bring it Up

You don’t want to immediately bring up the idea of her doing your chores. That will fail.

But after a few weeks goes by after you initiate your plan, you could suggest that she do something for you since you do a lot for her.

She really won’t have a good answer. She’ll HAVE to comply!

You’re welcome.

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