How to Let Your Girlfriend Know She’s Gotten Too Fat 

by Joseph Printer
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When you’re in a loving relationship, everything seems to be going right. You move in together, you go out all the time and have fun, and may eventually get married and be together for a long time.

But when she’s your girlfriend, you have the opportunity to nip a problem in the bud that you don’t like, otherwise you may be stuck with it. One problem in particular that a lot of guys have trouble bringing up is weight.

When your girlfriend is putting on a lot of weight, it can be really hard to let her know to chill out with that. While a little fat is fine, you don’t want to be dating a blimp when you’re used to a skinny as a rail girl with a slammin’ body.

Call it superficial if you want, but guys like to have their girls looking really good. It’s sort of bragging rights with the public, and even their friends. If she puts on 100 pounds, there goes that.

So if your girlfriend is getting a bit heavy, here’s how you can bring it up without getting slapped, and she may even solve the problem herself:

Be Straight: “You’re Getting Fat, Babe”

This is the easiest and most direct approach to the problem, but it’s also the riskiest.

Calling your girl fat to her face risks a slap or punch, and it may even make her really insecure. She may also end the relationship if you think you’re not attracted to her anymore.

But the most positive outcome is that you’ll finally let her know straight up that she’s heavy, and she’ll realize that her eating habits have gotten really bad. She’ll then be able to fix them and lose weight.

Be Sly: “Want to Go to the Gym With Me? It’s Fun”

While you’re not telling her to her face that she’s fat, you’re sort of implying that she has gotten a bit on the heavy side, and that she could be helping herself out by going to the gym.

Inviting her along with you to the gym is telling her that you think she could lose a little weight, but it also brings up an escape route for her to take.

It’s definitely a good option.

Be Subtle: Start Shopping Healthier and Limiting Her Bad Habits

When she eats something that isn’t the most healthy, you could telling her how unhealthy it is, or even say “you’re going to eat that shit? Why?”

So while you’re sitting there eating some healthy food and she’s eating junk food, all while she’s getting fatter, she’ll realize that you’re focusing on her diet.

And when you start buying only healthy stuff, it’ll drive that point home.

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