Feeling Lonely? These Tips Will Help You 

by Joseph Printer
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Feeling lonely can be worse than death if you’re the kind of guy who hasn’t seen any attention in his life. Even if you used to get attention but now you’re in a rough spot, it can feel just as bad.

Sitting in your house doing nothing every day gets old fast, and it’s especially old when you’re doing it all by yourself. At least if you’re in your house with a girl or buddy, it can be fun sometimes.

Loneliness is the leading cause for depression and suicide in the world, so it’s important to bond with other humans. We’re a social species, as much as some people would say otherwise. We crave physical and emotional contact with other like-minded people, and it’s absolutely essential to a healthy life to have at least part of these bases covered.

So if you’re lonely, here are some tips that can help you acquire friends, a girlfriend, and how to deal with it while you’re looking for these two:

Finding a Buddy or Several Buddies

Finding friends is pretty easy. You just need to find people who are interested in the same stuff you’re interested in. Once you figure out what your favorite hobby or hobbies are, you’re all set to begin your search.

As much as some people may say they don’t have any hobbies, you have to do something every day for 12-15 hours per day until you go to sleep.

Do you watch a lot of TV? Maybe play a lot of video games? Maybe you enjoy board games?

Whatever your passion is, discover it. Then you can hop online and find forums or communities that have people who enjoy your hobby, as well.

Once you connect with people, you can wait until they host a annual meet-up party. Most communities have them. Then you can bond!

Finding a Girlfriend

This will require even less work!

With so many online dating websites, you can’t fail at this. Just take pretty solid photos of yourself, write a half-decent bio about yourself that seems uplifting, and get to work.

Plentyoffish.com is pretty awesome to start out on. It’s free, easy to use, and has plenty of search functions.

So you can look for chicks and then can look for you. Do this for a number of free websites, or even pay if you want.

Dealing With Loneliness in the Meantime

While looking for companions, you need to stay sane.

What better than to join a club or join a team of some sort. There are always leagues looking for people to join, and you may even make some friends with these guys! Who knows, right?

If you don’t make any friends here, at least you kept yourself busy and stayed out of the house for awhile.  

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