4 Reasons Why Guys Think About Women All Day Long 

by Joseph Printer
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Guys are very simple creatures. We eat, we sleep, we go to the bathroom, watch sports, and then we think about women the rest of the time. With virtually nothing else to entertain us, it’s the best we got.

But if you’re a lady, you’re probably wondering why guys think about women so much. Is it because we’re stupid? Is it because of out low attention spans? Maybe a little of both?

Whatever the case may be, here are 5 reasons why guys can’t stop thinking about women all the time:

#1 – We Like Intercourse a Lot

This is probably the most obvious one. Men love to have sex with gorgeous and exciting women. And if you thought that was sleazy enough, we dream about having sex with multiple women at the same time.

Even though women think men are gross because of this, there’s an easy explanation for this: it’s in our genes. Humans are instinctually trying to reproduce at every given moment. Why do you think so many people cheat on each other?

We weren’t made to stick with one person. Out instincts tell us to spread our seed to as many women as possible, and that’s what a lot of men do!

#2 – We Love Clean Houses and Apartments 

Guys are slobs and women are pretty damn clean. If you have a solid woman around who cares about you and who you care about, she’ll probably be sleeping there quite often. And nobody wants to live in a dirty house or apartment, so she’ll almost always clean the place up for you.


#3 – We Love the Female Body

There aren’t too many things better than the female body. You have the breasts, vagina, pretty face, and the tight butt to complete the package.

As guys, we can’t get enough of all of this. It’s enough to keep us occupied mentally for up to 23 hours per day, and maybe even a complete 24 hours when we’re sleeping. Gotta dream, right?

#4 – We Need a Woman

We need a companion in our lives. While nothing can compete with our boys when it comes to fun, a good woman is perfect for traveling and having a good time with.

Not only can you have fun with a woman, travel with her, go to bars with her, and then go to sporting events with her, you can end the night with sexual intercourse.

Can’t do that last one with your boys, can you? Nope!

So ladies, we need you!

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