5 Tips that will Save Your Marriage 

by Joseph Printer
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Guys who have been married for 5, 10, 15, or 20 years know that being married to the same person for that many years has its hard parts. You need to get over the growing pains of being married, there are unseen obstacles that you may have to jump over like financial worries, and then you eventually need to be responsible for kids if you get that far.

This can lead to epic fights, discontent, and even malice toward your spouse. There are some moments where you wish you could just punch her in the face and leave town you get so mad, but you obviously can’t do that. But when these feelings emerge way too often and you have a harder and harder time dealing with her and her moments, you need a little help to keep your cool.

So if you want to save your marriage and not have to deal with World War 3 every time you fight, here are 5 tips that may save your marriage from disaster:

#1 – Go On More Vacations

One of the reasons couples fight so much is because they’re crammed into the same house day in and day out, and it is just the same routine over and over again. This needs to change, otherwise you’ll drive yourself insane.

The best thing to do is save a little money here and there, and you’ll eventually save enough to take a vacation every 6 months at least. Once a year isn’t good enough.

#2 – Go On More Dates

When you’re in a long-term relationship, you think dates are over with, and you don’t need to do that.

But if you do this maybe once per month, your sex life and relationship itself will be much stronger. Plus, who doesn’t like bowling or mini golf?

#3 – Find Alternate Income Streams

And no, I don’t mean become a drug dealer. I mean find other sources of income so you’re no relying on one job to save your life. What happens if you lose it? You’re screwed. If you have more income coming in, as little as it may be, it can be a little less scary living day to day.

#4 – Have Sex More

Couples who fight a lot aren’t having enough sex. It’s that simple. Once or twice per month is not good enough. Force it if you have to, or look for other ways to get in the mood. Porn is lovely, I hear.

#5 – Boost Your Sex-Drive and Testosterone Levels

When your sex-drive and testosterone levels are higher, you’ll feel happier, more energetic, and more sexually active. This will reverberate to your spouse!

I recommend a product called Sexual Overdrive. It goes to work immediately, and it lasts an incredibly long time. Try it!

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