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06 Jun

Bro code rules guys interactions, whether unspoken or spoken. Here are 18 of those codes so you know how to act around your fellow bros.


Simple. A greeting between guys involves three different things.

  • Bro handshake before a hug.
  • After the hug, a pat on the back is
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31 May

          When you ejaculate, your semen color should be whitish-gray. If you notice any changes in the color of your semen, your body could be giving you a signal that something is wrong.

          Changes in semen color do not happen often. But if you’re seeing the same color over a period … Read the full article

16 May

If people drain your energy, then you are an introvert. Shyness, sociability, and introversion aren’t the same thing. Though the usual picture of introversion is the person hiding in the nearest corner and shrinking away when anyone gets close, this is not the only picture of introversion, by far. This … Read the full article

14 May

Hangovers are symptoms that include headache and nausea after excessive amounts of drinking and can last up to 24 hours. Drinking can be fun, at social gathering and as well as at parties or just a relaxing sip of wine after a hard day. However, after a long day and … Read the full article

08 May

At just 46 years of age, Elon Musk, has built four companies in four different fields, and they are worth billions of dollars each. Still, he gets up at 7 am and works until 1 am, leaving just six hours for sleep. With a net worth of billions, what pushes … Read the full article

02 May

Raising a child with special needs is a roller coaster of emotions, experiences, and memories. Whether you have a million doctors appointments to contend with, behavioral issues that make non-disabled children look passive, or schools that you must fight at every turn, you’re an amazing dad. Always remember that. Here … Read the full article

19 Apr

          The Erection Hardness Score is a simple tool used by specialists for various purposes such as quantifying erection outcomes and observing the severity of erectile dysfunction. The tool was actually developed by researchers as part of sildenafil clinical trial around ten years ago.

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