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23 Jul

Becoming a father is one of the best things that can happen in a man’s life. Everyone has different approaches on how to raise their children and not let them down. No two fathers are ever the same, but there are a couple of qualities that make them look like … Read the full article

22 Jun

Dogs get sick, just like us. They get colds, depressed, arthritis, and cancer, but with some maintenance, you can help your dog stay healthier, happier, and hopefully with you a bit longer. Though your dog can’t speak directly to you it can show you distress in many different ways. Some … Read the full article

18 Jun

Males are the unsung victims of eating disorders. There are many men out there who suffer from eating disorders, and may not even know it. Especially since ours is country where men “must” “buck up or shut up,” they tend to not voice their issues.

Eating disorders tend to show … Read the full article

12 Jun

Social media has a big role in the lives of children. During their impressionable years, they see a lot of different imagery, words, and actions played out on the screen, but what does that do to their perceptions of food and how does it affect their weight? Can celebrities actually … Read the full article

06 Jun

Bro code rules guys interactions, whether unspoken or spoken. Here are 18 of those codes so you know how to act around your fellow bros.


Simple. A greeting between guys involves three different things.

  • Bro handshake before a hug.
  • After the hug, a pat on the back is
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31 May

          When you ejaculate, your semen color should be whitish-gray. If you notice any changes in the color of your semen, your body could be giving you a signal that something is wrong.

          Changes in semen color do not happen often. But if you’re seeing the same color over a period … Read the full article