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13 Sep

It’s commonly known that everyone deals with trauma differently. For example, some people don’t like to talk about their traumatic event while others want to talk about it in order to help others avoid such situations.

Many people believe that PTSD is primarily diagnosed in military workers, police officers, and … Read the full article

05 Sep

As we all know, there are several illnesses and diseases we are all scared of getting. Cancer, HIV, Ebola, and Pneumonia are just a couple of the better known, but you might be more prone to them than you think.

It turns out, most American men end up taking better … Read the full article

20 Aug

Though social anxiety affects us all, it has more impact on some than others. And for those who strongly feel its effects, it can be difficult to build relationships and to feel that they are truly doing for themselves everything that they can. This is a difficult situation, but fortunately, … Read the full article

23 Jul

Becoming a father is one of the best things that can happen in a man’s life. Everyone has different approaches on how to raise their children and not let them down. No two fathers are ever the same, but there are a couple of qualities that make them look like … Read the full article

22 Jun

Dogs get sick, just like us. They get colds, depressed, arthritis, and cancer, but with some maintenance, you can help your dog stay healthier, happier, and hopefully with you a bit longer. Though your dog can’t speak directly to you it can show you distress in many different ways. Some … Read the full article