Natural Remedies for a Hangover

by Joseph Printer
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Hangovers are symptoms that include headache and nausea after excessive amounts of drinking and can last up to 24 hours. Drinking can be fun, at social gathering and as well as at parties or just a relaxing sip of wine after a hard day. However, after a long day and evening of drinking the morning after can be lethal.

Alcohol contains ethanol, which has a dehydrating effect on the body. Causing increased bathroom breaks or urine production which in result of the excessive production of liquid results in thirst, dehydration, dry mouth, dizziness, and can possibly lead to an unbalance level of several nutrient levels in the body due to the excessive put out of liquid from the body. However, after drinking, the liquid production is used to clear out the toxins ingested known as alcohol.

Alcohol is used to clean and too much of it requires the body to work overtime and potentially damage body functions such as kidneys or livers. In risk of damaging the body even more, many people turn to drugs such as ibuprofen to solve a hangover. Instead of digesting many different other drugs and chemical combinations to solve a hangover finding natural remedies, especially ones that are easily accessible in all homes around the world will benefit in a more successful attempt in recovery after a hangover.

Natural remedies are medical cures, fixes, and comforters for common illnesses usually solved by chemicals that require the combination of different drugs and ingredients. In natural remedies the active ingredient is derived from a natural source found in nature. They’re natural remedies for everything from bad breath, colds, flu, menstrual cramps, and dry skin to soothing methods for cancer patients, toothaches, ear infections, and even hangovers. Below are following listed suggestions for hangovers.


Water is an effective natural remedy for hangovers. The body suffers from dehydration during hangovers so supplying the body with water is known to help solve nausea and headaches due to hangovers. Excessive experiences of dehydration makes the body suffer nerve damage and cancels out signals made from the brain to the rest of the body.


glass of water and bananaBananas serve as a natural remedy for hangovers as well. Bananas are known to be filled with Potassium and provide a boost to a hangover victim. Eating a banana when you wake up the morning after drinking will replenish the potassium that was lost. You could even eat a banana before going to sleep and begin the recovery process sooner.


Lemons are also great for getting over hangovers. Lemons clean and clear the body, including stripping the alcohol out of the body after a hangover. However people find lemons too tart for taste, adding lemon to water does the job all the same.


There are studies that express that when you have sugar while drinking, the fructose speeds alcohol metabolism and that reduces the danger of getting a hangover.


Ginger is a flowering plant and is used as a spice and sometimes medicine. This plant has been used to decrease nausea and vomiting for years. Ginger gives speedy relief by helping in the digestion of alcohol. You can find fresh ginger at any local grocery store and it’s very inexpensive. To help with your hangover you can brew some ginger tea or you could even chew on raw ginger.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are designed to replenish electrolytes. Electrolytes are the salt and potassium in the body that is used for regular function. Drinking Gatorade or Powerade replaces the electrolytes that you lose from drinking. Even though sports drinks help, it is best to stick with bananas and bland foods to increase the body’s natural levels of salts and potassium.

Warm Bath

man soaking in hot bathA warm bath isn’t something that you can take, but it helps you relax and provides a way for the toxins to escape the body.

Wheat Toast

Wheat bread is natural without any dye or processing done. Toast is used to settle the stomach as well as raise low blood sugar of someone suffering with the symptoms of a hangover. Alcohol depletes magnesium and eating whole grains replenishes it.


Eggs are a great source of protein and many people’s favorite breakfast choice. Including this in your morning after diet during that lethal hangover will be a little more bearable with the consumption of eggs. Eggs contain an amino acid that helps counteract the effects of drinking an excessive amount of alcohol that leaves many suffering from hangovers.


Honey is beneficial after a hangover. Honey contains sugar that helps counteract the effects of a killer hangover.

Finding natural remedies for a hangover help reduce the amount of drugs and chemicals in your body. If you rely on pills and drugs with stimulants in them you will never have a drug free natural body. Using natural remedies reduces the damage that alcohol does to the body and the symptoms felt during a hangover. Knowing what to do in the times that you have a hangover are vital in surviving the sentence of shame.

Surviving the sentence of shame, a hangover is more than just physical pain and remedies. The most important thing to remember is rest. Fighting through a hangover is not just painful but also dangerous. Operating a car or machinery while in pain and not being able to concentrate is dangerous to the person and the people that they may come in contact with. That is why jobs ask that you not show up under the influence.

Using these natural remedies will help you to deal with the symptoms you feel from a hangover such as vomiting or having a headache that just won’t go away. Water is a very effective natural remedy for hangovers, as well as honey, wheat toast, eggs, etc. Be sure to stay away from greasy foods and orange juice or you could make yourself feel worse. All in all, there is no magic cure that gets rid of hangovers, the one sure way that you can escape that horrible feeling is to drink less alcohol.

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