Keep Quiet and Carry On: All About Erectile Dysfunction

by Joseph Printer
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It seems to be the problem that many men have faced, but few are willing to talk about. Erectile dysfunction is common in American men today, and it is something that most men want to keep a secret. However, there is hope for this situation.

Erectile dysfunction is relatively common in men. There are a great many issues that arise because of it, and even more questions that come up.

A lot of men choose to keep silent about their experience with erectile dysfunction, and that can be unhealthy as well as dangerous. While it can be hard to discuss, it is necessary to male reproductive health as well as overall health to have this hard, potentially embarrassing conversation.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is typically categorized based on the inability to have and maintain an erection. Now, every man has had this problem once or twice in his life. It is not uncommon to experience performance anxiety or have an off day.

However, erectile dysfunction is a much more persistent problem. It happens more often than normal or is even considered to be a regular occurrence for some men.

It does not really matter how often erectile dysfunction is experienced; this has the capacity to make a lasting impact on the relationship at hand as well as your own self-esteem.

There are a great many factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Some of these factors are physical, though not all of them are. Age also plays a role.

What are the statistics?

Here are some quick facts about erectile dysfunction:

  • Overall, the likelihood of a man experiencing impotence over the course of his lifetime is 52%.
  • At age 40, the likelihood of being affected is approximately 40%.
  • At age 70, this likelihood jumps to a staggering 70%.
  • The likelihood of experiencing erectile dysfunction increases anywhere from 5-15% every year after age 40.
  • These statistics become higher in men with diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, or those that were on a specific medication.

What are the causes?

Since there are a great many factors that affect male arousal, there are equally as many causes, if not more. Each case is different, but just about anything can cause erectile dysfunction.

Common physical causes consist of the following:

  • unsatisfied couple can combat erectile dysfunctionHeart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Obesity
  • Tobacco use
  • Alcoholism or other substance abuse
  • A handful of prescription medications

This list is non-exhaustive, of course, but these are the most common factors that contribute to or worsen erectile dysfunction. The overarching theme of these diseases is how they affect blood flow in the body. Anything that interferes with blood flow is bad news in regard to erectile dysfunction.

There are also psychological causes. Mental health can play a huge role in male performance, including depression and anxiety. Stress can lessen sexual drive and emotion, effectively worsening erectile dysfunction. Poor relationships can also contribute to impotence.

Are there complications involved?

A great many complications can arise as a result of erectile dysfunction. These can definitely affect your overall quality of life and are not insignificant problems.

It is likely that erectile dysfunction will cause undue stress and/or anxiety. Embarrassment is also a very common complication of erectile dysfunction. You may also experience low self-esteem.

Aside from these, erectile dysfunction can also affect those around you. Relationships problems can arise, as well as a dissatisfied partner.

Can you prevent erectile dysfunction?

The best way to keep erectile dysfunction out of your life is to lead a healthy one. Making smart, healthy choices is always the best course of action to fend off health problems.

Always follow your doctor’s recommendations for screenings and checkups. Also talk to your doctor about managing any current health concerns, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Talk to your doctor about seeking help for mental health problems. Depression can definitely worsen sexual problems, but it can also decrease your overall quality of life. Getting help with mental health problems is a good step.

Monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol closely and take corrective action if things are not looking correct. Screenings, again, are crucial.

withered eggplant, fight erectile dysfunction Quit smoking, limit alcohol especially on date night, and avoid drug use. If it is not good for you, it usually spells bad news for sexual performance.

Get regular exercise. Even just thirty minutes a day can help increase blood flow, as well as ease your mind.

Reducing stress is particularly helpful. Getting enough sleep is a great place to start. Aim for 8 hours a night.

If you fall into the overweight category, talk to your doctor about your diet and potentially develop a weight loss plan. This can relieve some stress on your cardiovascular system, leading to better blood flow.

Why is erectile dysfunction hard to talk about?

Problems with sexual performance can be a soft spot for many men. It definitely can top a list of what men are shy to talk about without contest. However, even if it can be hard to do, talking about erectile dysfunction is important.

Many men who experience erectile dysfunction will never tell a doctor for fear. Instead, they try to deal with it themselves and suffer in silence.

There is a downside to staying quiet about erectile dysfunction. Your confidence will decrease, your stress will increase, and your relationships will take a hit. Additionally, because there are so many potential causes, you could be ignoring a very deadly health problem below the surface.

Sexual problems can be embarrassing. It’s easy to feel isolated, as if you and your partner are experiencing these things alone in a vacuum, but that is untrue. The likelihood of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, anyone experiencing these things is high.

In the end, the outlook for erectile dysfunction recovery is good. There are a variety of treatments available. Admitting that you have problems with erectile dysfunction is half of the battle. Going to the doctor is the other half. Go to your checkups, guys, it will do you good.

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