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28 Jan

To live a life that is free of illnesses, injuries, and other health problems, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet of highly nutritious foods. So, if you eat a lot of junk foods and foods that are lacking in nutrients, you are prone to experiencing different signs and … Read the full article

27 Dec

Giving in to sugar cravings and letting laziness run my life was something I was very guilty of. Year after year, I’ve promised myself to make big changes once New Year’s Eve is over. Needless to say, I’ve failed all these time. But last year was surprisingly different for me, … Read the full article

03 Dec

Everyone has bad days. If you failed an exam, did not get hired for a job, got stood up by a date, or missed your train, you sometimes can’t help but feel like the world is working against you. How do you rise from these situations and stop them from … Read the full article

23 Nov

Many men think that fashion is not for them. In their opinion, looking nice and smart is like a math problem that just brings headaches and confusion, and only a few are good at. What they do not realize is that there is not one strict rule on how to … Read the full article

09 Oct

It’s commonly known that as a person ages, their memory fades. Many people have varying opinions on how to improve a person’s memory. Some people try to aid a person’s diminishing memory by letting them focus on historical pictures or significant family photos that can spark a connection with the … Read the full article

02 Oct

Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder that can be difficult to overcome. If you have Bulimia Nervosa, it can be overcome. However it has to take a lot of effort on your part, and you need help from family, friends, a counselor and/or therapist to help you stay on course … Read the full article