12 Practical Habits That Will Help You Achieve the Best of Health at Any Age

by Joseph Printer
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12 Practical Habits That Will Help You Achieve The Best Of Health At Any Age 2

Most often, we associate good health by avoiding the things that trigger the onset of diseases. It seems we can hardly speak of something positive without its corresponding negative side. For a change, let’s try to focus on the positive side of life. Life is more beautiful when we focus on habits that help improve your life and your health.

Everything big that happens in life starts small. In the same way, achieving the best of life takes a habit that is formed one step at a time. As good habits accumulate, you’re more likely to enjoy better health regardless of your age. Start doing the following habits and see how your life will change in a month or a year.

1. Get good sleep

Good sleep is the foundation of abundant health. We’re not only talking here about physical health but of financial health as well. Your mind functions much better when you are well rested. A night of good sleep makes you more productive and alert at work.

Health experts say that 7 to 8 hours of sleep is ideal. Some people say it doesn’t work well for them. Apparently, we have different body rhythms. Try to make an experiment to know how many hours of sleep your body requires. You will know what’s best for you when you’re more productive and energetic after having slept for a specific length of time. The quality of your sleep also matters. So, make sure you get a deep sleep where your body gets enough time to repair and restore itself.

2. Have a healthy breakfast

enjoying a healthy breakfastOthers say it’s okay to skip breakfast as a form of intermittent fasting. That diet may look good but if you want to get powered on at the start of the day, giving your body the right fuel might be the best option. A healthy breakfast gives you the energy needed to last throughout the day.

Studies showed that breakfast promotes better memory and concentration and lowers the levels of bad LDL cholesterol. Moreover, your body needs vitamins and nutrients. The morning is the best time to feed your body with the right nutrition it needs. A healthy breakfast consists of colorful vegetables and fruits, protein and fiber.

3. Feed your mind

Your mind is most receptive after a long rest. Reading in the morning helps you gain and retain more knowledge. If you include reading spiritual texts as a habit, you’re more likely to start your day in a calm and relaxed state. When you start your day calm, you are in the best position to combat any stress triggers in a calm and sober manner.

4. Regular exercise

You don’t get energy. You create it. Exercise in the morning helps in the proper circulation of your blood and makes you feel energized. Cycling, walking, jogging, running, swimming, and any form of cardio is enough to keep you healthy and energized.

You don’t have to do the same thing every day. A variation in your exercise regimen is a good way to avoid boredom for doing the same thing every day.

5. Lift some weights

Your body will naturally lose muscle mass as you reach 30. Losing muscle mass can affect your strength and mobility. Exercises like strength training and resistance training can help in your strength and mobility. Lifting weights is the simplest way to stay strong and reduce muscle loss.

6. Spend time with your kids and family

If you’re a family man, make it a habit to bond with your wife and kids in the evening. Set aside a few minutes where you can talk and ask how each of your day turns out. This can power you down and improve ties within the family.

7. Include omega 3 fatty acids in your diet

Omega 3s are the best source of protein, especially when you’ve turned vegan. Omega 3 fatty acids can also boost heart health.

8. Eat nuts

Chewing on nuts is a healthy habit too. They are healthy and contain unsaturated fatty acids that can help your heart to stay healthy. Some of the best nuts are walnuts, pistachios, and almonds. They make good snacks and are easy to bring anywhere you go.

9. Drink loads of water

drink upYour body needs proper hydration to flush toxins out of the body through urine and sweat. Drinking lots of water aids in metabolism and the proper breakdown of food. Drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning is also a healthy habit.

You can also eat water. Fruits and veggies like watermelon, melon, greens, and cucumber have more water content. They give you more nutrients and fewer calories and may make you feel full, so you don’t have to eat more.

10. Give birthday cards

This one may feel awkward, especially when you’ve done it only once to win the heart of your wife or girlfriend. But his habit will change not only your life but of your loved one too. Birthday cards may be simple things but will mean more to your wife or kids. It doesn’t have to be an expensive card. Making your own is fun no matter how simple or imperfect you’ve done it. Birthday cards with a personal touch are more touching to the soul.

11. Wear sunscreen

Your skin benefits more when you wear sunscreen. It not only protects you from wrinkles but can shove away skin cancer too. Sunscreen can be your best friend when your work involves exposure to the sun for longer periods of time. When you’re planning to spend some time out in the sun, never forget to put on your favorite sunblock protection. The best sunblock are those with ingredients that are both safe and effective.

12. Check with your doctor regularly

When you’re too busy, you may tend to forget about your state of health. You only get reminders when symptoms arise. If possible, don’t wait for your body to tell you something isn’t right. Make getting regular checkups a habit. It helps when you know earlier that something in your eating or lifestyle has to change. Awareness is key to keeping yourself healthy.

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