Foreplay 101: 7 Moves to Get her Going

by Joseph Printer
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The right kind of foreplay is crucial for giving your lady a good time. Women love being touched, teased and caressed and if you do it the right way, she will be like soft butter in your hands. There are a few key moves that will get a “yes please, keep going” reaction every time guaranteed. This is what makes a lady purr:

1.  Fun with nipples

Women love having they’re nipples licked. Place your lips around her areola, the dark area surrounding the nipple and flick your tongue back and forth. Keep your teeth tucked in unless you know for a fact she enjoys biting. After about 10-15 repetitions, her pussy will be pulsing with pleasure. Bonus points if you do this while sitting or standing up. When you release her breast from your mouth the jiggle will feel oh so good.

2.  Drag that ass

There’s nothing that feels quite as good as the curve of a woman’s ass. When you’re cupping and/or squeezing that beautiful thing. Run your finger along her cleft or butt crack if you want playground terms. Start at her vaginal opening, drag your finger up and then go back to your squeezing. Keep it one swift movement. She will be pleasantly surprised.

3.  Spank n’ swirl

While massaging said ass, give her a little spank. Even women who are against any sort of aggressive play will welcome a single spanking when bookended by a massage. It’s almost as if you are soothing the pain away. It will catch her off guard and make her giggle with delight.

4.  Sneak a kiss

It’s always good to throw a little teasing into your foreplay game and this move will make her lose her mind. While making out with her, stop for a minute and give her single kiss between her outer lips. Come right back up and continue to make out as if it was all apart of the routine. Bonus points if you lick your lips and comment on how good it tastes.

5.  Hold her down

When making out with your lady, hold down her hands above her head firmly, but not too hard. Being vulnerable in this way will really turn her on. If she seems tense in her arms, hold her a little more lightly until she relaxes. Kiss her breasts, neck and lips to your heart’s content.

6.  Back it up

The back is incredibly sensitive, especially where the curve is the deepest. This move works especially well in the morning when you wake up and spoon. Just know that every kiss you plant on her is making her pussy more and more wet.

7.  Lip service

Much like move number two, she will love the teasing nature of this one. Touch her vaginal opening with one finger and drag up lightly through her lips. You will slightly brush the clitoral hood, making her ache with pleasure. Less is more with this one!

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