3 Ways to Get a Bigger Penis

3 Ways to Get a Bigger Penis

When it comes to penis size, the average is roughly 5.5 inches. If you’re below that in length, you’re below-average in penis size.

Unfortunately for most men, they fall well below the average, and are currently in the range of 3.7-4.1 inches. This means that most men simply aren’t satisfying their women, and it’s because of their tiny penises.

Rather than drifting through life with a tiny penis, you can actually change it permanently, and it barely requires any effort on your part. Ready to see a bigger penis, both in length and girth? Here are 3 easy ways to do so:

#1 – Male Enhancement!

Male enhancement pills seem to be everywhere these days. You see them in magazines, on newspapers, on billboards, on TV, and definitely on the radio. Unfortunately for you, a majority of the ones that are heavily marketed are usually the worst ones you can buy. These products are pumped full of garbage just to get the price as low as possible, and you’ll see the least effects and results with these.

But if you’ve bought one of these ultra-popular pills and have been unhappy with the results, you’re not alone. But don’t get yourself down and totally give up on this scene! There are effective pills out there, and I’ve found the golden standard of pills with lots of research.

Here are my top 3 products for male enhancement:

1. Formula 41 Extreme – one of the world’s most potent and successful male enhancement products in the world

2. FCK Power – FCK Power is an excellent male enhancement product, and it’ll provide you with massive results to your penis

3. Sexual Overdrive – When it comes to increasing your penis size and libido, this product will do wonders

#2 – Penis Stretches

After you’ve found a really good male enhancement product like the ones listed above, you’ve just done 95% of the work. These next steps are really optional, and you don’t need to do them if you’re taking one of these products I mentioned.

But if you don’t like real results, try stretches. This requires stretching the penis when flaccid so the muscles expand. This really hurts, and you may only see about 0.5 inches of increases.

#3 – Penis Pumps

These are extremely dangerous, and you may damage your ability to get erections permanently. Use this as a last resort!

They are fairly cheap and fairly straight forward. Simply slip the device over your penis, and the vacuum will stretch your penis muscles.