3 Awesome Exercises for Rehabbing an Injury 

by Joseph Printer
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If you’ve ever been injured before, you know that there’s a long and arduous process before everything gets healed.

There’s the initial healing phase where you just sit around until the injury is healed to the point where you can finally use that body part again, and then there’s the rehab process, where you learn how to use that body part again.

Most will say that the hardest part of recovering from an injury is the rehab process. It’s long, hard, and takes a serious amount of time away from your schedule.

Some people have to go to rehab for an injury sometimes ten hours per week!

But if you’ve had a not so serious injury that didn’t require a professional to help you recover, here are 3 awesome exercises that you can do that will help you recover from a number of different injuries:

Rope Extensions

You can do this exercise on the machine that has a number of different attachments, such as the pullup bar, the rowing machine, lat pulldown…Etc.

The rope part of the machine is usually in the middle, where you see two ropes to use.

Here’s where you’re ready to rumble. If you had an arm injury, you can do rotator cuff extensions for each arm or for just the arm that was injured.

Always do light weight first, and then work your way up to heavier weight.

You can even help an injured leg here. Just affix the rope to your leg and push out.


These are awesome for rehabbing a lower back injury or perhaps even a leg injury.

Only do stiff legged deadlifts if you’re going to do this, otherwise you may injure yourself even more.

All you do is take the bar off the rack in front of you, roll the bar down your shins to your feet, and then do the same motion back up to your waist. It’s that easy!

Of course, speak with your doctor before doing this exercise to rehab an injury you have. You never know if it’ll make it worse.

Leg Injury? Leg Press and Calf Raises Work

If you’ve ever had a leg injury, it’s a good idea to start with leg presses and calf raises to get your strength back.

There’s minimal motion with these exercises, so there’s little chance that you’d put serious pressure on your injury here.

The leg presses work at strengthening just about every part of your leg, and then the calf raises will bolster your calf muscles to support the rest of your legs.

Start light and work your way up. Eventually, if you’ve had a bad leg injury, you should be able to perform like normal after a few months of consistent work.

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