Masturbation Secrets You Probably Haven’t Heard About

by Joseph Packwood
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If you haven’t switched up your masturbation skills since high school days, then you need to read this.

Most men understand the principles of masturbating at a very young age and they practice it quietly and quickly for fear of being caught.

At such a young age, it’s not just the fear of being caught; it’s also the shame that comes attached to sexual pleasure at that stage of life.

People believe that masturbation is a very natural way to get to understand how your body works and familiarize yourself with your sexuality. And they end up growing up as adults with this same mentality. This will make them unable to calm down and enjoy the process and even think of ways to add more spice to their solo sessions.

Now that we are all in quarantine, you should have enough time to masturbate without any rush of finishing in a few seconds. However, rather than going off on a masturbation spree, why not satiate the horniness by reaching orgasm just once per day. All you have to is take your time with it and enjoy how it feels.

You can decide to bring sex toys into the mix and spice things up, or even bring your prostate into the picture – definitely more fun.

You can try out these masturbation tips if you feel that you are missing out on what makes orgasms even more intense.


Change Your Masturbation PositionPro Tips for Masturbation

You have likely been masturbating in a particular position since your seventh grade, so, it’s time for a switch. If you are used to standing while masturbating, then maybe you should sit and vice versa.

When you switch your masturbating positions, you are also working to improve the muscles of your pelvic, and this would stimulate more blood flow to the penis, making it harder. So changing positions isn’t only for the novelty, but to also ensure that you have a stronger and firmer erection.

Spice Things Up With Anal Play

A lot of straight men miss out on the freaking pleasures associated with anal play because they feel it’s more of bi or gay sex practice. The butt has a lot of nerve endings and constant stimulation would feel immensely good. You can reach your prostate through anal stimulating and you can achieve mind-blowing orgasms.

So in case you are wondering how to add a little butt play to the mix, you can get a prostate massager, and switch things up.

Try Edging

Rushing to the finish line while masturbating is good for days when you are in a hurry and have to meet up to time. But what happens when you have the entire day at your disposal or even two hours? Then you try the edging method.

You may know the edging method as the “start-and-stop method,” and just as the name implies, that’s exactly what you are to be doing.

Try working yourself up to the point when you can feel the orgasm building up, and ejaculating is just a few seconds away, and STOP. Yes, that might feel frustrating, but it’s going to be worth it. Doing this would help you achieve a more powerful and intense orgasm.

After taking a break for about fifteen seconds, then you start the process all over again, and when you feel the ejaculation building up, take a break.

Repeat this process for as long as you deem fit, however, you might want to stick to four times max. When you finally get to ejaculate, you should feel a more profound ejaculation, more than anything you have ever felt.

Masturbate After WorkoOptimum Nutrition ZMA: Is it effective and safe?uts

When working out, you release dopamine and adrenaline, and they can both stimulate the “feeling good effect” and “energetic feeling” respectively. So, there you have it, if you are feeling horny after an intense workout, you now know the reason.

It’s a good idea to masturbate right after you are done with your workouts because, at this point, the endorphins in your body are high, there is easy blood flow and your pelvic muscles are relaxed. This is like the best time ever to get your hands to work.

Don’t Neglect Your Balls

There is almost the same number of nerves in your penis as in your balls, so it’s in your best interest to bring them into the mix.

We understand that there is a term called “individual preference,” but you can’t hate what you haven’t tried out. A lot of men have discovered more powerful orgasms by just stimulating their testicles while masturbating, so you may want to try that out in your next sex session.


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