These 3 Super Foods Will SAVE Your Life! 

by Joseph Printer
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If you’ve been slowly drifting through life without a care in the world and without a care for your health, you need to be paying attention to what you’re eating. Life is too short to end up in a hospital somewhere eating through a straw because you couldn’t take care of yourself.

But even if your diet is extremely terrible, there are foods out there that are so raved about for their extremely beneficial properties that it would be almost dumb to not eat them on a regular basis.

So if you’re a lazy dude who just wants to be healthy in the quickest ways possible, here are 3 foods that you should add to your diet:

#1 – Acai Berries

If you have no idea what these are, you’re probably not alone. Just a few years ago, people had no idea these things existed, except for maybe the health food nuts out there.

These berries were noticed because of their extreme nutrient-packed insides. These nutrients directly contribute to your immune system strength because of the high antioxidant capacity.

Just a few berries has enough nutrients in it to give you 100% of your daily antioxidant intake for the day. Isn’t that incredible? It would be silly to skip these.

And personally, they taste really delicious. They even make them chocolate covered now! make them part of a daily snack!

#2 – Asparagus

Asparagus is packed with vitamins and minerals, and just a few stalks of this stuff will be enough to give you your daily values of vitamins. Eating this with every meal will dramatically increase your resistance to sickness and disease.

In addition to being ultra healthy, it tastes really damn good with some salt and pepper! And since it packs a lot of water too, you’ll rehydrate yourself just by eating this really awesome vegetable.

# – Blueberries

Blueberries are especially healthy due to their antioxidant levels. They’re extremely packed with antioxidants. So much so that just half of a cup of them will be enough to ward off sickness.

In addition, there is tons of fiber in these. You’ll be able to have regular bowel movements just by eating these.


So if you want to live longer and healthier, eat these 3 super foods. You could add the berries to some yogurt for extra power, and you could add the asparagus to a steak dinner.

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