7 Best Sex Positions for Baby Making

by Joseph Printer
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If you have gotten to the stage in your life where you would like to start a family, you may be looking to get your partner pregnant. While it is the dream that the first sperm will swim up and build a beautiful baby, sometimes it can be difficult to get a girl pregnant the first time. This can be for a number of reasons and many different old wives’ tales will give tips that help. However, some will tell you that certain sex positions favor pregnancy and getting her in the right order gets your sperm in the right place. Try some of these tips to get the baby on the way.

Standing doggy

preview-full-shutterstock_529565584This one thinks about thrust and gravity. By standing up next to the bed, with her on all fours, you can penetrate her from behind. The penis goes in a slightly downward action, while she is slightly upside down. This slope will allow gravity to pull the sperm along the vaginal canal and into the womb. This makes it easier for them to swim as they go downhill! Meanwhile, the position is quite penetrative, meaning that you can be fully inside her when you come.

Missionary leg wrap

The idea with all these sex positions is to create less resistance for the sperm to travel into her uterus. Try missionary style, with her legs wrapped around your neck. This will help her to ‘close the door’ as you finish and leave, while the angle will help the sperm to swim. You thrust action is very deep in this position as well.


While this is a little bit of a more wild position, it really helps with gravity. And why not get a little frisky, after all, this is an exciting job. Your need to be standing, while she is flat on the bed, on her front. Lift her legs and place them around your waist and enter her. She can go up on to her elbows for more comfort.

Don’t stand up

Standing up makes it harder for the sperm to swim. Equally, any position where she is upright won’t do you any favors. If she is on top giving the cow girl action, you are far less likely to get a strong swimmer breaching the border. The general rule of thumb is that you want her lying down.

Regular doggy style

preview-full-shutterstock_514795429Regular doggy style is a good old favorite. Science has shown this to be the best position for conception. This is because it is deeply penetrative, which opens the woman up for receiving sperm. Equally, her stance on all fours opens her up as well. You can lean her forward to help get a better downward angle and to mix it up a little.


Spooning is a deeply intimate position. Because she is lying down, this will help the sperm to travel. Equally, your penis will penetrate her excellently. If you don’t know how to do this position, just lie behind her, curled around her like a comma. You can also reach around and stimulate her clitoris, as the more stimulation there is, the wider the vagina will open.

The wrap around

Similar to missionary, you are on top of the woman. However, as you thrust, she wraps her legs around your body. This pulls you in tighter and deeper.


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