Why You Should Masturbate Even When You’re Married

by Joseph Printer
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Single, married… it doesn’t matter. Even when you’ve already settled down, masturbation is still very much okay to include in your private life, private space and private time. As a matter of fact, masturbating can have a notable impact not only on you as an individual, but also on your marriage.

According to research, masturbating can boost your happiness, improve your confidence, and reduce your stress levels. Apparently, these factors are crucial in maintaining a great relationship. The better you feel, the better your relationship becomes.

So, go for it. Your wedding ring does not have to stop you from getting that self-love you deserve. It doesn’t mean that you love your wife less, either. It will even contribute in making your marriage healthier in its own, constructive way.

It increases your sex drive

preview-full-post-masturbation-relaxationBeing married for a long time sort of make it harder to maintain that passion and yearning you had when you started dating. But masturbation can sustain the feeling of being sexual. Technically, going solo maintains the healthy functioning of your sex organs. It also makes you crave for sex.

You have sexual fantasies

There’s nothing wrong if you’re fantasizing about getting steamy with a supermodel. In fact, it helps you to keep sex in the front line of your imagination. You can get creative with all the erotic scenarios you have in your head, that’s part of the whole fantasy. Your relationship will even benefit from it.

Being sexually independent

Masturbating means to be in control of your own pleasure. This signifies you’re able to provide yourself satisfaction even when there’s no one but you.

It alleviates stress

preview-full-1216180_1437736647If you’re less stressed, your relationship can also reap the benefits. That is why your very own sexual me-time contributes to a healthy marriage. Masturbation actually provides your body with feel-good endorphins. Orgasms can enhance your mood as the body releases the pleasure chemical dopamine.

You’ll know what you like

By masturbating, you’ll able to learn more about what you like and what you don’t, which you can share with your partner for optimal success in lovemaking. Thus, you can think of masturbating as a way to further explore your sexual world, what makes you tick and what makes it even more stimulating. This is especially true when you’ve been married long. This is because sexual pleasure can change as your body changes with age. Going solo will allow you to explore other options and try new methods.

It serves as a diversion

Even when you’ve promised to love your spouse for all eternity, it doesn’t mean you’re completely off-limits when it comes to being attracted to other women. Masturbation can be a positive diversion for this. You can indulge your fantasies while maintaining the flame in your marriage.

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