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15 Jul

When you get to be 50 years old or so, it’s recommended that you get a colonoscopy every 5 years to make sure you’re not developing any bad tumors in your digestive system. A colonoscopy does a clean sweep of your digestive system, including all of your intestines, colon, anus, … Read the full article

14 Jul

Countless people have had this happen to them in their lives. It happens when you’re at work, when you’re on the couch, when you’re just walking around, and even when you’re sleeping. And then when you finally switch positions, you notice that your leg or legs don’t work, and then … Read the full article

10 Jul

People crave to be active. Being a lazy slug and sitting down all day gets really old, and you know it’s bad for you every time you do it. But all of that sitting has increased your chances of forgetting about exercise and continuing your trend of sitting on the … Read the full article

30 Jun

If you’ve been slowly drifting through life without a care in the world and without a care for your health, you need to be paying attention to what you’re eating. Life is too short to end up in a hospital somewhere eating through a straw because you couldn’t take care … Read the full article