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28 Apr

You know that meditation is good for your brain. It can make you feel relaxed, refreshed and happy. You’ve heard it’s good for depression, anxiety, insomnia, phobias and any other mental health issue under the sun. You know it will benefit you, so then why don’t you do it? It’s … Read the full article

27 Apr

Dry skin is the absolutely worst. It’s itchy, it’s flaky, and it peels off everywhere. Not only that, but it makes you look like you’re an old person with a serious skin condition. With dry skin, you just look tight and uncomfortable all the time, and it makes even normal … Read the full article

15 Apr

Improve your muscle growth, endurance, drive, and libido all in one go with Xtreme Testosterone!


Testosterone products have been thrown around left and right, often getting mixed up in the same conversation as anabolic steroids. So, let’s get the record straight- Testosterone is a form of a growth hormone. … Read the full article

21 Jul

Your blood is the backbone of your entire body. It helps lubricate everything, it keeps oxygen moving throughout your body, and even as defense mechanisms in place to help you when you’re in trouble.

One of your blood’s most potent defenses is in its ability to congeal. While this could … Read the full article

15 Jul

When you get to be 50 years old or so, it’s recommended that you get a colonoscopy every 5 years to make sure you’re not developing any bad tumors in your digestive system. A colonoscopy does a clean sweep of your digestive system, including all of your intestines, colon, anus, … Read the full article