3 Ways to get Over Your Anger Without Being Violent 

by Joseph Printer
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Everyone gets angry. It’s a natural emotion that a lot of humans experience from time to time, and this feeling usually subsides when the situation is corrected or after some times as gone by.

But for some people, when anger boils over a certain point, the only solution is to react in a violent way. This can be anything from hitting a wall, hitting something with intent on breaking it, or getting into a physical altercation with someone. The last one is the worst, and it’s the one that will get you in the most trouble.

While this happens with men more than women, these tips will help anyone get over anger without being violent.

Here are 4 ways to get over your anger before you get yourself in serious trouble and wind up sitting in jail for awhile:

#1 – Leave Immediately and Go For a Walk

This is the easiest and most effective solution for getting over your anger without hitting something or losing your temper.

Leaving the situation you’re currently involved in, gathering your thoughts, and letting yourself blow off steam when off on your own is perfect for losing your anger.

The thing that makes people even more angry is when they stay in the situation they’re currently and it gets worse and worse with each passing minute. Don’t do that!

#2 – Yell As Loud As You Can

There’s nothing wrong with yelling. Yelling won’t get you thrown in a jail cell usually. While this is a much better solution than throwing your fists around, use your better judgment here, too.

Are you super mad and it’s 2 am? Are you in the middle of a kid-populated area? Maybe you’re in the supermarket with a lot of people around you? Yeah, these wouldn’t be the best times to lose your mind and start screaming like a nutcase.

For one, the cops will come anyway. Seconds, you’ll be really embarrassed when you realize what you did.

#3 – Bring a Stress Ball With You Everywhere 

Stress balls are perfect for getting out stress and angry emotions. They were made for this exact you reason. They’re soft and squishy, and squeezing one as hard as you can just melts away any negative emotions you have, and let’s you get out your aggression on an inanimate object and not out on a human.

These things are really cheap and really small, so sticking one in your pocket is really easy to do. This is a great solution to punching someone!

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