Pins and Needles in Your Hands Could Be a Sign of Danger in Your Body 

by Joseph Printer
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Everyone gets pins and needles in their hands or feet occasionally. It happens a lot of the time because you simply have been sitting in one spot for too long and haven’t gone anywhere.

Inactivity is the leading cause for this condition, and it’s not usually serious. But if you experience this condition for than a few times per week, it could be a sign of danger, and you shouldn’t ignore it.

So if you think you may have this happen way too often, here are the leading causes for it:

#1 – Diabetes

The most common sign of diabetes is tingling in the hands and feet, as well as face. It’s the main reason why people seek help, and why they first get diagnosed with the illness.

Diabetes is a fairly common but serious condition, and you must take it seriously. It most commonly occurs due to an excess intake of sugar over time, leading to an overreaction to sugar whenever it enters the body.

That’s why people with this disease need to watch their blood sugar levels with a hawk’s eye, because too much sugar, or too less, could be deadly.

#2 – Nerve Damage 

If you have constant pins and needles in a certain area of your body, it could mean that you have extensive nerve damage that should be fixed immediately.

Nerve damage occurs from trauma, even if you’re unaware of how it happened. While it may be tough to pinpoint a specific nerve that had been damaged from something, it’s always good to make sure it’s not a vital nerve that you need to live.

If it’s an important nerve, you may need surgery to help yourself stay healthy.

#3 – Kidney Disorders

Kidney disorders have also been linked to the dreaded pins and needles condition, which is the leading symptom for problems with the kidney. While you’re more likely to get jaundice from a bad kidney, you may also experience pins and needles before the liver even gets to that point.

So really this could be a good warning sign for you to go to hospital and get checked out. It could save your life.

#4 – Vitamin Deficiencies 

Most Americans are not very healthy, and their diets are not very healthy either. Eating food that lacks nutrition will only hurt you, and it could also give you pins and needles regularly.

If you lack the proper amount of minerals and vitamins from vegetables and fruits, you’re more likely to suffer from chronic illness and pain, as well as frequent bouts of pins and needles.

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