5 Things You Hate Hearing When On a Diet 

by Joseph Printer
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When you’re on a diet, you just want to lose weight, look good, feel good, and then maybe hear some compliments about your new physique when you’re done. But when you start hearing things while you’re on your diet, this is when you start getting super annoyed.

News flash: when you’re dieting, you don’t want to hear anything from other people, especially if it’s bogus ways to help you lose weight faster, or if it’s just totally misinformed opinions.

When you hear this, you instantly get bothered, and it usually becomes evident in your face that you don’t appreciate their comments one bit.

So if you’re on a diet and have been for a while, here are 5 things that you absolutely can’t stand while on a diet and may have heard already:

#1 – Ever Try *insert random stupid diet they heard about recently*?

Losing weight is not rocket science: you take it less calories than you’re using per day, exercise, eat the rights foods, and you’ll lose weight. It’s that easy.

So no, I haven’t tried some stupid fad diet that you heard on Fox News the night before. I know you’re trying to make yourself feel special, but I’d rather not hear about some silly diet that is really complicated and is based on pseudo-science.

#2 – You’d Have Better Results Doing This

You’ll always hear this from some guy or girl who doesn’t even diet, nor have they exercised in the last two years.

Oh, you’re suddenly a supreme work out pro? That’s nice. Maybe when you lose a bit of weight with your all-star diet program, let me know. Until then, I don’t care.

#3 – Why Are You Dieting? You Look Fine

I’m glad you think I look fine, but your opinion on my body won’t dissuade me from trying to better myself.

Some people are content being the way they are, but some people have motivation to better themselves. What’s wrong with that, right?

This is something people say to pretend they’re being nice. The worst!

#4 – My Cousin Lost a TON of Weight Recently

Wow, that’s amazing! By simply telling me about your cousin or brother who lost a lot of weight recently, you think you’re connecting with me on a personal level.

That’s pretty sweet, bro. Just kidding, that’s annoying, and I don’t care.

#5 – Just Don’t Eat. You’ll Lose it Fast

Worst advice in the world.

Not eating slows your metabolism and conserves your fat deposits, making losing weight even SLOWER.

You need to eat at least 1000-1200 calories per day, otherwise you’re hurting your progress.

Nothing worse than unfounded advice, am I right?

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